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Homeowners Insurance and Garage Door Repairs: What Is Covered & Is Not

Homeowners Insurance and Garage Door Repairs: What Is Covered & Is Not

Repairing, renovating, and changing your home base means gearing up for shifts, exploring, and preparing for unanswered questions. This is where having a local garage door company and a team of advanced technicians at your disposal can help provide a full investigation, complete estimate, and consultation for any necessary repairs or urgent maintenance. You can’t always be prepped for home and garage door repairs in Westminster, CO, but you can back yourself up with experts for the required support. The question often lingers about funding repairs and whether your homeowner’s policy can cut you any slack or cover these things when they arise.

Repairs That Are Typically Covered

Plenty of garage door repairs can and Will be covered by your homeowner’s policy, but it depends on your coverage level. It’s essential to check in with your insurance agent for your policy for details. Generally, homeowners’ insurance will provide coverage for the following repair situations:

  • Damage caused by vehicles or any accident with your car if you have backed into or run into the garage door. You must consult their car insurance company for coverage options if it is someone unrelated to the household.
  • Natural disasters and harsh weather conditions cause damage or the need for repairs.
  • Fires are typically covered throughout the home, so long as your policy covers these kinds of things.
  • Break-ins are one of the things you never want to deal with as a homeowner, but if that does occur your homeowner’s policy should cover these repairs.

Repairs That May Not Be Covered

Unfortunately, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover some other instances and situations. Although we do not always anticipate unexpected scenarios, many things can occur. When you are unprepared or do not have a policy outlining those stipulations, you will be stuck footing the repair bill. In the following situations, you may not be covered:

  • Certain natural disasters like wind, flooding, or wildfires. This is not always the case, but you need to read every word of your policy to understand better which weather conditions are covered and which are not.
  • Reckless damage caused by the homeowner or someone within the household. You must take responsibility for what has happened when something like this occurs.
  • Wear, tears, and aging are things that happen in time. You can avoid this by committing to regular maintenance, but if you are not taking care of the garage system, overtime is vulnerable to general wear down and repair needs.

Contact Your Local Garage Door Company for More Information

While your homeowner’s policy may not be able to cover all forms of damage, when you need garage door repairs, you must hire a reliable garage door company in Colorado to get the job done. Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply provides Mile High with premium garage door repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance solutions to ensure that all their clients have access to dependable service, especially when they pull from their wallets to do so. If you are facing garage door repairs, contact your homeowner’s insurance agent for further coverage information, and contact local garage door technicians for a free quote on your repair needs!

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