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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Ideas for Switching your Mobile Phone Carrier

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Ideas for Switching your Mobile Phone Carrier

Fun fact: 51 percent of Americans say it’s easier to find a new romantic partner than a mobile carrier according to a new Comcast survey

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when we don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing things up even though nearly half of Americans (48 percent) have had a negative experience with their current provider.  

Parents: Is It Time to Break Up (with your carrier)?

Parents have the hardest time most of all and are especially prone to be over their mobile provider. One-third of parents (33 percent) say they are done and ready for a change, more than double that of non-parents (14 percent). The biggest gripe for parents is pricing. In fact, parents report they are four times more likely than non-parents to be always looking for the next new plan.

And when families do decide to move on, kids are usually impacted by breakups with mobile service providers. More than half of parents (53 percent) have their kids on their service plans, with kids getting their first phone at the average age of 11.Xfinity Mobile

Why Xfinity is Great for Families

Xfinity Mobile offers parents the tools they need to make sure everyone in the family is happy.  Parental controls, flexible plans, and the ability to share data across users make Xfinity a great option to add to your family.

Now’s The Time to Switch

Americans cited a number of reasons for wanting out of their relationship with their current mobile provider. The largest driver was price increase(s) (69 percent), followed by spotty coverage/dropped calls (50 percent), unexplained charges (49 percent) and slow data speeds (48 percent). 

Fortunately, Xfinity Mobile offers straightforward pricing, with the gig plans starting at only $15 a month, and unlimited plans starting at $30 a month per line for two or more lines.

With millions of lines added since its launch in 2017, Xfinity Mobile is one of the fastest-growing mobile providers in the country. Rated the fastest mobile service with 5G cellular and millions of WiFi hotspots throughout Comcast’s extensive WiFi footprint*, Xfinity Mobile delivers a great wireless experience for less money. 

Interesting fact:  Approximately 90 percent of Xfinity Mobile customers’ data is over WiFi, allowing customers to use less data and connect to the Xfinity 10G Network.

Xfinity offers unparalleled convenience by offering customers unlimited or by-the-gig options, and customers can always change their plans even in the middle of their billing cycle. 

With inflation running rampant, life is expensive enough. But with mobile plans starting for as little as $15 a month, Xfinity provides a fantastic way for customers to save hundreds every year.

How You Can Save with Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile offers some of the most competitive pricing on the market that can save you hundreds of dollars on your mobile bill, with Unlimited plans starting at $30/month for two lines or more. Xfinity also offers great device deals on iPhone, Pixel and Samsung handsets for new and/or existing customers.  

Customers looking to switch to Xfinity Mobile can walk into any Xfinity Store and ask for help to switch their service, from swapping out a SIM card, porting a phone number, and even breaking up with a customer’s previous carrier.

*The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, polled 1,000 nationally representative US adult smartphone users, ages 18+, between May 31st and June 6th, 2023. In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

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