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Free school meals for kids in Denver

free food Denver school

Colorado public school students can get free breakfast and lunch this school year under a new voter-approved program called Healthy School Meals For All. Most of Colorado’s 178 school districts are participating. Here’s what you need to know about your children eating for free at school.

 If my district is a part of the Healthy Meals For All program, does that mean my school is participating?

Yes. If your district opts into the program, all participating schools within the district are included. However, not all schools have traditionally served meals. Schools that don’t currently participate in the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs won’t be serving free meals. There are also some charter schools that serve meals but not under the federal programs so they don’t qualify for Colorado’s free meals program.

Is ALL food at schools now free?

You’ll still have to pay for a la carte purchases. This includes school stores, outside vending machines, etc. Students can pay cash for the item or charge it to their meal account. All foods sold on school property during the school day are required to meet state and federal snack standards.  

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