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Contest: Win tickets to Archery Games: fun-filled activities for kids and adults

Archery Games Denver

It’s your chance to win a four-pack of tickets, a $120 value, to play Archery Dodgeball or Nerf Wars at Archery Games Denver. Participate in our exclusive giveaway contest below and secure your chance to experience the ultimate fun of either of these exhilarating activities.

Archery Dodgeball

Archery Dodgeball combines the rules of traditional dodgeball with the precision and excitement of archery, offering you a unique and thrilling gaming experience. To participate, you do not need to have any prior experience with archery. Each session starts with 15 minutes on the practice range to teach players how to shoot, and Archery Games has bows suited for both kids and adults.

Following the training session, your group will be allocated one hour in the arena to engage in a series of mini-battles using bows and foam-tipped arrows. Each game consists of four minutes of refereed gameplay led by an Archery Games host.

The games follow the fundamental rules of dodgeball: players begin on opposite sides, rush to the center to acquire an arrow and commence shooting while avoiding getting hit.

Archery Games Denver

The session starts with an introductory game of “Zombie,” where players switch sides upon being hit. It is followed by several team variations, including the immensely popular “Jailbreak.” In this variation, you can regain entry into the game only by catching an arrow from one of your teammates. The session ends with an exhilarating free-for-all showdown titled “Dog Eat Dog.”

Archery Dodgeball is suited for ages 7+. Each session accommodates up to 20 players. Small groups can sign up for a public session through their website, and play with others. Public sessions are offered Tuesday-Sunday. If a session does not have players registered yet, participants can request that it be designated as “Family Hours” or “Adults Only”, depending on the level of competition desired.

Nerf Wars

The other activity offered is Nerf Wars. Archery Games is the only venue in Denver that offers an indoor Nerf War arena.

Participants are provided with top-of-the-line Nerf Rival blasters and paintball-style helmets. Participants are also allowed to bring their own blasters. However, if you want to participate in the game with non-Rival blasters, you will need to bring your own ammo.

During the one-hour-long action-packed session, a knowledgeable host leads the group through a diverse range of game modes, including popular options like kick the can, capture the flag, prison break, and elimination. Parents can play or watch their child in action from the front viewing area.

Nerf Wars can be enjoyed by kids as young as 6, although it is best suited for slightly larger kids. Each session accommodates up to 20 players. Small groups can sign up for a public session through their website offered Friday and Sunday.

Both of the above activities provide a perfect opportunity to celebrate a special occasion, including birthdays, or to just enjoy a day out with the family. To make it even more fun, Archery Games lets you bring your own pizza and cake, which can be enjoyed in the shared picnic/banquet area for up to 40 minutes after the game.

Archery Games is located at 5405 W 56th Ave, Unit D in Arvada.



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