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Denver’s Sipp Soda Bar: Near-death experiences + a viral social media success!

Sipp Soda Denver

We love a good soda…and a good story of overcoming the odds and bringing goodness to the world.

The story of Sipp Soda Bar has both.

Co-owners Tim Kellogg and Wendy McFarland, who are also husband and wife, opened Sipp Soda Bar in the midst of the pandemic, with Kellogg nearly dying three times when he contracted COVID-19.

With the pandemic threatening the success of their small business, and Kellogg recovering from lingering health complications, he and McFarland created a TikTok account for their small business, which catapulted to a following of more than 200,000 and received over 1.4M likes.

Good Morning America” continued its “Up in Your Business” segment, which spotlights small businesses across the U.S. to give them a boost ahead of the busy summer months. McFarland shared how one important lesson they’ve learned from each other is “not to give up” and showing up as “a cheerleader for one another,” with Kellogg adding, “We have the drive to just keep going no matter what’s in front of us.”

 Let’s give Sipp Soda Bar some love this summer! 

Mile High Mamas
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