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A Father’s Day Tribute to My Second Dad

Father's Day tribute

My father quit on us when I was five.

Mom remarried a few years later.

She then passed away in a car accident when I was nine.

Both biological parents were gone before I turned ten.

I was stuck living with my Mom’s new husband whom I had only known for a short time. He wasn’t my “real” dad. Randle isn’t even my real last name.

Steve Randle then showed me the meaning of real. He dedicated his life to raising us (I have a younger sister and brother).

When Steve met my Mom, he was a successful attorney. As a single parent dealing with deep sorrow, he gave up so many of his own interests to be there for me.

He has taught me more about life than anyone else – the most important being belief in myself, commitment to family, and faith in God.

I have never made a major personal or professional decision without seeking his advice first.

Graduated from college with his support.
Chose my career path with his guidance.
I’m a better dad because of his example.

Anyone can be a father. It takes love, support and encouragement to be a real dad.

My last name is Randle. It means more to me than any amount of money, possessions, or corporate titles.

There are several I admire but Dad is my only hero.
Happy Father’s Day this week, DAD! Beyond grateful to be your son. 💕💕💕

-Act Biggy

Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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