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Etlich Gardens: Twister III Storm Chaser NOW OPEN!

The beloved Twister II wooden roller coaster is storming back this Friday, June 30! Elitch Gardens has refurbished and reimagined the park’s iconic coaster to Twister III: Storm Chaser. The highly anticipated opening promises an adrenaline-pumping experience full of new dramatic, adventurous and fun quirky twists!

The family-favorite wooden roller coaster guarantees thrills for all ages. Riders will experience a rush of both nostalgia and excitement as they approach this massive ride. Their journey through the queue line will showcase a story that compels people to chase tornados. As they near the 10-story superstructure, riders will be invited to join the elite Twister III: Storm Chaser team. Once coined as official members of the Storm Chaser team, riders will race along the tracks and experience not only the speeding, dropping air-time thrills of this classic coaster but also “chase” a tornado through the coaster’s 120-foot enclosed tunnel.

“Reimagining this awesome wooden roller coaster is a great opportunity for us to re-introduce one of the most thrilling rides in the park and also offer a new and exciting experience at the same time,” says David Dorman, General Manager of Elitch Gardens. “The new name, Twister III: Storm Chaser, pays homage to the different versions of this ride’s lifetime and introduces a new theme showcasing the quirky and adventurous nature of tornado storm chasers. We believe this unique and updated experience will excite long-time fans of this famous coaster and usher in a whole new generation of Twister enthusiasts.”

Twister III: Storm Chaser is a 10-story superstructure featuring a 90-foot drop and a 120-foot, pitch-black tunnel that features the sights, sounds and winds of a real tornado. Experience 4,640 feet of track and up to 3.1 G-F that is more than three times your normal body weight! Twister II and Twister III: Storm Chaser are longer and taller versions of the original Mr. Twister roller coaster that opened at the park’s previous location in 1964.

Come be among the first to ride Twister III: Storm Chaser! A Season Pass is the best way to ride again and again. Don’t miss our July 4th Sale going on now through Tuesday, July 4, for the best deal on Season Passes!

Denver Summer Activities 2023

The Ultimate Denver Summer Activity Guide (250+ ideas)

Guide to Denver’s Splash Parks and Spray Fountains

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25 great fishing ponds in Denver

South Platte River Trail’s 25+ best parks, trails, restaurants and museums

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Happy Canada Day: Fun Facts About Our Northern Neighbor!

Canada Day is July 1st and since Mile High Mamas’ founder Amber is Canadian, we thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about the Motherland. 

Did you know:

  1. Canada became a country on July 1, 1867 when the British Parliament passed the British North America Act but only officially became indepdnent from Britain in 1982. 
  2. Canada is the world’s second-larges country: 9.98 million square miles and has the largest coastline in the world. 
  3. The name Canada comes from the indigenous wordkanata, which meants “settlement” or “village” in the language of St. Lawrence Iroquoians. 
  4. Little-known facs, the Brits and the French werne’t hte first to colonize Cnaada, it was the Vikings around 1000 AD.
  5. The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada Highway which is over 7,604 kilometres (4,725 miles) in length. Canada is so big it has six time zones. 
  6. Canada has more lakes htan any other country on earth. Get this: More than half of all lakes in the world are located in Canada.
  7. “Eh” is an actual word that is often used at hte end of a question or to greet someone at a distance. 
  8. Canada’s lowest recorded temperature is as cold as Mars. A temperature of -63 C (-81.4 F) was recorded in the small village of Snag on Feb. 3, 1947. That’s roughly the same temperature as the surface of Mars!
  9. Canada has six times more oil than Russia and the US buys mor eoil from Cnada than any other country.  
  10. Canadians eat more Mac and Cheese than anyone else in the world. However, we call it Kraft Dinner

You’re welcome for that last one, especially. Happy Canada Day! 

Free Family-friendly Activities and Events in Denver

Summer doesn’t have to break the bank! Be sure to check out our free days in Denver 2023, Hundreds of Ideas for Daytrips with the Kids, plus these great recommendations from Visit Denver for free family fun. 


Enjoying Colorado’s natural beauty is the most obvious budget-friendly option. Just-right temperatures year-round draw outdoor enthusiasts to our open lands and thousands of miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, wildlife watching, fishing and much more. Check out Denver Summer Fun Guide with 200+ ideas,  Cool Off This Summer at Colorado’s Best Beaches,  Guide to Denver’s Splash Pads and Spray Fountains and Best Hikes for Kids in the Denver area.


Colorado is home to seven National Wildlife Refuges that are free and open to the public. The refuge system was created to conserve America’s fish, wildlife and natural areas across the country. Each of Colorado’s refuges is home to diverse ecosystems where visitors can spot everything from bison and moose to hawks and bald eagles living and nesting among some of the state’s most spectacular scenery.


In Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods, those who walk the trails that meander around the park’s otherworldly red-rock figures search for geologic formations in the shapes of kissing camels, cathedral spires, praying hands and sleeping giants — and a few that seem to teeter in gravity’s grip. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Morrison is comprised of massive, slanting red-rock outcroppings that rise from the earth to create an acoustically ideal natural amphitheater. Joggers love to run up and down the calf-burning steps (on non-concert days), hikers weave around the rock formations on a network of easy trails and all visitors enjoy the views of downtown Denver. 


16th Street Mall and Pearl Street Mall — in Denver and Boulder respectively — are the two most popular outdoor pedestrian malls in Colorado. They’re also the perfect place to get to know the character of these two Front Range towns. Peek in the shops, lounge on green areas and benches, and watch the local characters come and go.


Take in two symbols of American pride in Colorado Springs. The U.S. Air Force Academy’s visitor center and iconic chapel give you a glimpse of cadet life, academy history and the chapel’s beautiful stained-glass windows. At Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, permanent and rotating exhibits highlight the history and culture of the Pikes Peak region. View artifacts from Ute, Cheyenne and Arapaho cultures; photography by local artists depicting the history of the area and a special exhibit about Colorado Springs founder General William Jackson Palmer. 


Hop on a gondola and soar high into the sky as you gaze down out at peaks blanketed in thick snow and dotted with evergreens reaching up toward you. Both the Telluride Mountain Village gondola and Breckenridge’s BreckConnect provide these stunning views to riders free of charge.


In Picket Wire Canyonlands outside La Junta, you can stand in a three-toed impression left in the bedrock by a brontosaurus 150 million years ago. The footprints, located in North America’s largest dinosaur track site, are reached after a very flat five-mile hike, bike or horseback ride. At Dinosaur Ridge near Morrison, you can take self-guided tours (guided tours are $4) of exposed fossils and footprints, as well as the excavation sites, including the site where the world’s first stegosaurus was discovered in 1877. 


While driving is not technically free, you won’t have to pay admission on Colorado’s scenic and historic byways — 26 routes that pass through the Rocky Mountains, the canyons and gorges of the Western Slope and the sun-kissed prairies of the eastern plains. With so many pathways connecting the dots between historic sites and vast acres of majestic scenery, Colorado’s the best state in the union for road-tripping. Learn about quirky roadside attractions in Colorado.


Colorado Historic Districts in classic mountain hamlets such as Breckenridge, Crested Butte, Durango, Telluride, Georgetown and Manitou Springs have maintained several of the structures built in the towns’ earliest days, giving visitors a peek into the past. Check each town’s visitor center for walking tours of sites with the most storied bygones. 


Abandoned yet well-preserved mining towns offer a fascinating window into the state’s rough-and-tumble past, when fortune-seekers, outlaws and cowboys roamed the West. Many Colorado ghost towns are accessible by off-road vehicle or ATV in the summertime, including Independence near Aspen, St. Elmo near Buena Vista and Animas Forks near Silverton. 


From the works of local artists to authentic moon rocks, Colorado’s free museums house a bounty of treasures. Find out how greeting cards are made at Leanin’ Tree in Boulder; or learn how Loveland earned the nickname Sweetheart City USA at the Loveland Museum/Gallery (Several galleries are free, but do note admission to art exhibits in the main gallery costs $7). At the Colorado School of Mines Museum of Earth Science, check out moon rocks, fossils and even a walk through an indoor cave to see minerals that glow.

Denver Summer Activities 2023

The Ultimate Denver Summer Activity Guide (250+ ideas)

Guide to Denver’s Splash Parks and Spray Fountains

Cool Off This Summer at Colorado’s Best Beaches

25 great fishing ponds in Denver

South Platte River Trail’s 25+ best parks, trails, restaurants and museums

Borrow a Colorado State Parks Pass from Your Library

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Hosting an Exchange Student Q&A: Saying good-bye to our bonus kids

We recently wrapped up two years of hosting two incredible exchange students: The truly lovely Maelle from Switzerland and the always-entertaining Pablo from Spain.

I’m frequently asked how we came to host exchange students so here is a Q&A on what you need to know to host exchange students. 

Q: How did you become a host family?

A: I served an LDS mission in Geneva Switzerland and I was contacted about five years ago on a mission alumni Facebook page about hosting a young man from Switzerland. It was never something I had ever thought about but we had very positive interactions with our neighbor who hosted a young woman from Thailand. But at the time, we just didn’t have the space.

Fast-forward to December 2019 and we were in the process of refinancing our house to finish our basement that would double the size of our home…and add another bedroom. I was contacted by the agency again, this time about a young woman from Switzerland. The agency doesn’t initially release pictures with each student’s profile but as I read through her application letter and interests, I just knew she was supposed to become part of our family. 

Q: How did your husband a.k.a. The Voice of Reason react?

A: He is used to my hair-brained ideas but this was a big one. He was in Vegas for a conference so I had a couple of days to plot how I would approach the subject. Amazingly when I brought it up, he was almost immediately on board which is very unlike him. 

When we asked the agency for more information about Maelle, they sent over some pictures and a more in-depth application about her background. Jamie says when he first saw her picture, she was familiar to him…like she was exactly how he knew she would look.

We moved forward in the process…and then COVID hit a few months later and she ended up being delayed an entire year. She had plenty of time to change her mind (especially after watching our crazy antics on social media) but it turns out her family is equally as crazy so she fit right in.

Q: What are the best foreign exchange student agencies?

I would highly recommend our agency, North West Student Exchange, a non-profit based out of Seattle. They simplify the process as much as possible and take care of all the heavy-lifting like Visas, English tests, etc.  They  did a couple of optional trips for their exchange students like Pablo and Maelle’s trip to California. 

Rotary seems like a popular, much larger program as well but I really liked the personalized touch of NWSE. 

Q: Are you paid to be a host family?

A: Some companies pay the host families. NWSE is a non-profit that does not. Students are expected to cover all their personal expenses, extracurriculars and travel; we cover room and board. There is a tax benefit that we didn’t learn about until our second year of hosting. 

Q: How do you coordinate with their family?

After being “matched,” we set up a Skype call with Maelle and Pablo’s families. We were fortunate that Maelle’s parents and siblings speak fluent English; we don’t think Maelle said two words that first call because she was very nervous about her English! Pablo and his mom both spoke pretty good English so we had a good preliminary call with them as well.

Europeans use Whatsapp for their calls and texting so we set up group texts with both families for all of our correspondence and still keep in touch.

Q: Did you plan to host multiple years?

A: Maelle was going to be our one-and-done and I told the agency that when they contacted me about hosting another Swiss Miss when Maelle was preparing to come home. I mentioned that my daughter Hadley was moving out so it would only be Bode at home and if we were interested in hosting (we weren’t), we would have a boy. 

The wise agency rep sent me two male profiles “just for fun”: Pablo and a young man from the Czech Republic. I read through both and announced Pablo sounded just like a Spanish Bode (they are very similar in interests and personalities). Jamie wasn’t as easily convinced this time so I hung up Pablo’s profile and pictures all over his office and the rest, they say, is history. 

Between Bode’s senior year and our work schedules, we’re definitely two-and-done now but we’re so happy we did it.Exchange student Q&A

Q: The best advice for hosting?

A: See if they’re a match for your family’s dynamic, culture and interests. Our agency has very strict rules of conduct that align with our family’s values so that was never an issue. Most of our fellow host families have had very positive experiences and go on to host students for multiple years. However, I have heard of the occasional scenario when the student is not a match for the host family (and vice versa) and changes are made after they arrive.

And obviously, though they’re great kids, they’re still teenagers so the path isn’t always perfect but overwhelmingly, our experiences have been positive and I’ll feel like I have two bonus children forever. 

Denver’s Sipp Soda Bar: Near-death experiences + a viral social media success!

We love a good soda…and a good story of overcoming the odds and bringing goodness to the world.

The story of Sipp Soda Bar has both.

Co-owners Tim Kellogg and Wendy McFarland, who are also husband and wife, opened Sipp Soda Bar in the midst of the pandemic, with Kellogg nearly dying three times when he contracted COVID-19.

With the pandemic threatening the success of their small business, and Kellogg recovering from lingering health complications, he and McFarland created a TikTok account for their small business, which catapulted to a following of more than 200,000 and received over 1.4M likes.

Good Morning America” continued its “Up in Your Business” segment, which spotlights small businesses across the U.S. to give them a boost ahead of the busy summer months. McFarland shared how one important lesson they’ve learned from each other is “not to give up” and showing up as “a cheerleader for one another,” with Kellogg adding, “We have the drive to just keep going no matter what’s in front of us.”

 Let’s give Sipp Soda Bar some love this summer! 

Explore Colorado’s High Plains: Family attractions, recreation and history

Just an hour from Denver, Morgan County feels like a world away with its rural charm and wide-open spaces. An integral part of the High Plains region, this area is characterized by blue skies, expansive prairies and friendly people in towns like Fort Morgan and Brush. shares some highlights that you and your family are sure to enjoy.


Every 4th of July, Brush is home to one of the most exciting rodeos you’ll find anywhere. The Brush Rodeo offers three days full of all the cowboy and cowgirl action you could hope for, including bronc riding, barrel racing, bull riding, calf roping, steer wrestling, Mutton Bustin’, a free BBQ, Little Princess rides, a 4th of July parade, and fireworks to close it all out.


Ties to Colorado history run deep in Morgan County, and there are plenty of museums, buildings and other places to experience these roots. The Fort Morgan Museum features Native American artifacts and an exhibit on famed big band musician Glenn Miller, who attended high school in the town, while the Brush Museum and Cultural Center lends insight on topics like the 1880s wagon trail days, horse racing and sugar beet farming.

Experience the arts in downtown Fort Morgan at our monthly Third Thursday Art Walk. Enjoy socializing with others from the area while enjoying light refreshments along this self-guided walking tour and open-house event. You might even run into live music and performances along the way. A stroll around the county’s municipalities reveals unique architecture on display in historic districts and at nationally registered landmarks. In Fort Morgan, don’t miss the beautiful houses of the Sherman Street National Historic District — some of the city’s oldest residences — or Rainbow Bridge, which spans the South Platte River and is known for its Marsh Arch design. Several buildings in Brush have state or national historic designations, from the Rankin Presbyterian Church to Sand’s Theatre (formerly the Emerson). Additionally, the Old Trail Schoolhouse in Wiggins dates back to 1921 and, despite being moved twice, remains completely original.

While you’re out, take a scenic drive along the Pawnee Pioneer Trails Scenic & Historic Byway, following in the footsteps of explorers and settlers who helped shape what the High Plains are today.


Take advantage of Colorado’s iconic fresh air and sunny days by exploring the landscapes of Morgan County in a variety of ways. Jackson Lake State Park is ideal for Colorado camping — and is an oasis with its sandy beaches and warm waters, where you can swim, boat, waterski and fish. Another spot to cast a line is Doty Pond at Brush’s Prairie Trails Park, which is regularly stocked with bass, catfish and trout.

The county’s communities are sprinkled with beautiful natural landmarks and parks. One of the largest is Riverside Park in Fort Morgan, complete with walking trails, tennis and basketball courts, horseshoe pits, shaded lawns and a playground. To cool off, take a dip in one of the multiple outdoor pools in the area.

For a day on the links, options include Brush’s nine-hole municipal The Course at Petteys Park, as well as Quail Dunes Golf Course in Fort Morgan, which boasts 18 holes of championship golf for all skill levels. If you want a twist on the game, try out disc golf in Fort Morgan, whose course is one of the highest-rated in Colorado and hosts the annual High Plains Challenge Tournament in June.


Whether you’re a fan of quirky sights or crave nostalgia, visitors won’t be disappointed in family attractions like old-school bowling alleys, theaters and a roller-skating rink in Brush that’s a blast from the past.

Keep an eye out for barn quilts, dozens of which adorn structures throughout Morgan County. They’re made with paint and plywood, instead of the typical thread and fabric, to create colorful patterns. Browse the shops in Brush for a special antique treasure, or schedule a historical cemetery tour through the Fort Morgan Museum to hear unusual stories and learn about key players in the town’s history.

Satisfy your need for speed by catching an exciting dirt-track race at the I-76 Speedway. Sprint cars, mini stocks, late-model racers and other types take to the quarter-mile dirt oval track on Saturday evenings. Over at Sweney Cycle Park, you’ll find a motocross facility that hosts races too.

The calendar is also filled year-round with fantastic events. Summer months bring the largest rodeo in its class  — Brush Rodeo — with its roping and riding competitions, barbecue, parade and fireworks to start off the area’s Fourth of July festivities. The celebration of being big-band leader Glenn Miller’s boyhood home is culminated in Fort Morgan’s annual SwingFest. And in the fall, Fort Morgan’s Fall Harvest Car Show is a can’t-miss gathering.

Who has Denver’s best burger? Find out at the Denver Burger Battle!

Who has Denver’s best burger? (Note: Dad doesn’t count!)

One of Denver’s most anticipated all-you-can-eat (and drink) festivals – Denver Burger Battle – will return on Thursday, August 3, pitting more than 18 area restaurants against each other to crown the best burger in Denver. Five new restaurants will enter the ring this year, including The Original and Next Door Street Bar. Denver Burger Battle, produced by Team Player Productions, will be held at the Auraria Campus – Tivoli Quad (1000 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80204) at 5:30 p.m. 
Established in 2010, this tasting event includes unlimited samplings of burgers, sides, desserts, beer, wine and cocktails. Attendees will crown a People’s Choice award, while a panel of judges, made up of local media and personalities, will crown a Judge’s Choice. 
“Every year, the event grows more and more competitive with restaurants raising the bar on what unique burger they choose to serve. We always have restaurants return to defend their titles, including Snarfburger (2021 Judge’s Choice winner) and Cherry Cricket (2021 and 2022 People’s Choice winner) this year,” said Event Director Nate Karnemaat. 
Want to go in style? Wear these hilarious hamburger-themed jogger pants or this funny six-pack burger shirt

Denver’s Best Burger Participants

Participating restaurants thus far include (with more to be announced in coming weeks):
  • 5280 Burger Bar
  • Briar Common Brewery + Eatery
  • Culinary Dropout 
  • Edgewater Beer Garden (new to Denver Burger Battle)
  • Hickory & Ash (new to Denver Burger Battle)
  • Lucy’s Burger Bar
  • Mighty Burger (new to Denver Burger Battle)
  • Next Door Street Bar (new to Denver Burger Battle)
  • Roadhouse Boulder Depot (new to Denver Burger Battle)
  • Slater’s 50/50 (new to Denver Burger Battle)
  • Snarfburger
  • Stanley Beer Hall 
  • Stoic & Genuine
  • Stoney’s Uptown Joint
  • The Original (new to Denver Burger Battle)
  • Uptown & Humboldt 

Ticket Information

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.
VIP ($139 + fees) – includes earliest admission to the Denver Burger Battle at 5:30 p.m., unlimited food, full bar with cocktails and access to the VIP Area, which includes a seated lounge and choice cocktails
First Bite/Early Access tickets ($89 + fees) – include early admission to the Denver Burger Battle at 6 p.m., unlimited food, beer and cocktail samples
General Admission tickets ($69 + fees) – include admission to the Denver Burger Battle at 6:30 p.m. and unlimited food, beer and cocktail samples
Last year, more than 1200 attendees tried burgers such as the 2022 Judge’s Choice winner Peaches & Cream Burger from Stanley Beer Hall with Niman Ranch beef, creamed goat cheese, spiced peach ketchup, pepper jelly, and grilled Palisade peaches as well as the “983 Big Cheesy” burger from Cherry Cricket, smothered in American cheese and gooey mac & cheese, crispy poblano and crunchy Cheetos, and finished with sweet and savory bacon jalapeno jam that was voted top honors by the people last year.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of tickets will benefit Firefly Autism, a nonprofit that seeks to transform the lives of children with autism.
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FREE Pollinator Palooza Festival at the Butterfly Pavilion

It’s a party for the pollinators!
On June 25, the Butterfly Pavilion is holding its first Pollinator Palooza Festival with activities for the whole family, a free outdoor concert, artisan pollinator market and more!
What: Pollinator Palooza Festival featuring a free live outdoor concert with John King, Nashville artist on the west lawn, farmer’s market with booths connected to pollinators, food trucks, free pollinator face painting and character profile art, guided garden tours and more! 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Concert is from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.  

Why: Pollinators, such as bees, beetles, butterflies, and flies are critical for our economy, environment, and agriculture. Pollinators help sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce.  

      • Almost a third of crops depend on insect pollinators 
      • Over 80% of flowering plants depend on insect pollinators 
      • Implications for soil, water, and climate resilience 

Yet, pollinator populations are in decline. Butterfly Pavilion is a leader in pollinator protection and conservation and engages the community with opportunities to get involved with us. Pollinator Palooza events provide a great opportunity for people to learn about pollinators while having fun and finding out ways that they can get involved in pollinator conservation.  

Exhibit Dates:        May 2 – June 30, 2023; 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  


See website for tickets and information: 

Cost:          The outdoor concert is free; there are various Costs for individual events 

Where:       Butterfly Pavilion, 6252 W. 104th Avenue, Westminster, Colorado 

About Butterfly Pavilion 

Butterfly Pavilion has been part of the Colorado community since 1995 and is the first Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited, stand-alone, non-profit invertebrate zoo in the world, currently occupying a 34,000-square foot facility situated on an 11-acre campus provided by the City of Westminster, Colorado. Butterfly Pavilion’s mission is to foster an appreciation of invertebrates by educating the public about the need to protect and care for threatened habitats globally, while conducting research for solutions in invertebrate conservation.  

Deals: Free Movie Preview, Merrell Hiking Event & More

Research says that you remember experiences more than things. That is why I always try to create a fun experience for my kids each summer. It may not be an extravagant trip (I usually can’t afford that anyway), but a special picnic, a free concert, a hike to the mountains (check out the Merrell event), paddleboarding at Chatfield, or even stopping at the Tiny Home Festival and talking about what it might be like to live in a tiny home! There are so many great ways you can create an experience for the summer for your kids all at little to no cost.

Free Movie Preview Nimona! Enter to win seats for you and your family to the advance screening of Netflix’s upcoming animated movie, NIMONA, on Saturday, June 24th at 11am in Lakewood! Email with the subject line “Nimona MHM.” Include in the body of the email: your first and last name and the # of tickets needed for your family. Winners will be notified via email by 6/22. One entry per person. Nimona releases on Netflix June 30th.

Tiny Home Festival. When I have had the opportunity to camp in a camper with a friend – I thought “sure, I could live in a tiny home.” To see the amazing things that people have done with tiny homes go to the Colorado Tiny House Festival back for the sixth year on June 25 & 26. Plus, Mile High Mamas readers can score $5 off a ticket when you use this link.

Merrell Hiking Event. Yes, I may gush over my Merrell shoes. They are sharing the love of outdoor fun with the “Good Things Come to Those Who Hike” event Saturday, June 24 at Echo Mountain. Trails selected for all fitness levels, outdoor activities (yoga and forest bathing), planting station, survival and backpack packing clinics and a ton more! Plus, your ticket gets you lunch and trail snacks and raffles all day. It is $10 for adults. Kids free.

Old Navy Flip Flops. I may be able to live in flip flops nearly every day of the year, which is why I love the sale going on right now at Old Navy. Just $2 for flip-flops for the whole family. There are some super cute designs and enough colors that you could have a separate pair for every outfit! Old Navy is also having a sale 50% off active wear.

 Amazon Book Sale. Did you know that Amazon started as a bookseller? That is why you can find almost any book you want from them. Right now, they are having a buy two get one free sale (no promo code necessary). So stock up on some great summer beach reads.

 Firehouse Subs Name of the Day. Firehouse Subs is back at their promotion where they post the name of the day and if you have that name, you can score a free sub. While Firehouse Subs is one of my favorites (hello Hook & Ladder), they NEVER put the name Gretchen. I hope you have better luck than I do with that.

 Taco Bell Breakfast Crunchwrap. Tuesdays in June, get a free Breakfast Crunchwrap at Taco Bell. The offer is only available via the app to Taco Bell Rewards members.

 Bath and Body Works. Bath and Body Works started their semi-annual sale this weekend. You can score some of the best lotions, gels and candles for as much as 75% off! Plus, you can use coupons that may find online for $10 off $30 or more (they now offer these on their app).  

 Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness clubs across Colorado (and all of the US!) are inviting high school students ages 14-19 to work out for FREE at any location from May 15-August 31 as part of the nationwide High School Summer Pass program. Plus, teens who work out are entered to win (national contest) $10,000 academic scholarship.

Kids Bowl Free. Kids Bowl Free Promotion is on again this summer. Each day kids can bowl two free games. They just have to register online. You can also add the Family Pass, so the whole family can bowl together!

 Larimer Square Summer Market.The Larimer Square Summer Market is free and open to all. It is a special place to shop a collection of curated Colorado makers. Plus, while you are there you can enjoy live music. The first event will be Saturday, June 25…in Larimer Square.

 Free Days. Our free days list has been updated! Mark this page to see free days this week.

Family Concert ‘Peter and the Wolf + Goodnight Moon’ at the Colorao Music Festival!

If you want to do a better job of introducing your kids to music and culture, this is the perfect opportunity! 

 Colorado Music Festival (CMF) presents its annual family concert “Peter and the Wolf + Goodnight Moon,” on Sunday, July 2, at 10:30 a.m., at Chautauqua Auditorium (900 Baseline Rd., Boulder, Colo.).

This year’s concert, conducted by Kalena Bovell, features Prokofiev’s beloved fairytale “Peter and the Wolf,” which introduces young listeners to the instruments of the orchestra, with narration by Denver-based actor and comedian Janae Burris. The concert also includes an upbeat suite from Bizet’s “Carmen,” featuring local soprano Jennifer Bird-Arvidsson, Eric Whitacre’s musical setting of the children’s classic “Goodnight Moon,” and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s festive overture, “Danse Nègre,” celebrating his African culture.

“Our family concert has been important to us for years, with this year being no exception,”said Festival music director Peter Oundjian. There is something magical about seeing young children and their families in Chautauqua Auditorium with one of the world’s best orchestras on stage. It’s a wonderful way to introduce children to the beauty of live music.”

Tickets to the 2023 family concert are $10 and available for purchase on the CMF website

For more information about CMF, or to purchase tickets, visit or call the Chautauqua box office at 303-440-7666.