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Childbirth / Motherhood

Love letter to the 24-hour-old mom

New Mom
She’s bleeding, wrecked, torn open.
A body flipped inside out.Breasts warming, filling, stretching beyond their boundaries.

There’s ice and heat, cramps and swelling, a long-awaited glass of red wine.

She’s desperate for rest, for precious sleep, cobbling together broken hours, minutes, answering the cry.

9 months sustaining another, months more ahead of continued sustenance.

We look at her, sleeping there,
and we know this, don’t we?

Her body, rearranged, recalibrated – so different.

Her days, no longer following a familiar path.

Her heart, vulnerable and exposed in a brand new way.

Her entire life, spinning on a new axis, pointed in new directions.

This is the 24-hour-old mama.

And she was made for this.

-The Labor Mama
Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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