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The Most Popular Paint Colors for Your Home’s Interior – 2023 Edition

The Most Popular Paint Colors for Your Home’s Interior – 2023 Edition

Decorating and pushing the envelope regarding your home’s interior design can be a creative endeavor many Denver homeowners genuinely enjoy. Still, it can also be a scenario that others can’t quite figure out. Some residents of the Mile High City turn to professional painters when making decisions about their homes’ future. 

While either avenue is excellent – the colors of your house define the feeling you have as you live in it. The trends come and go, but as we advance into the future, so do the options expand to bring color into our lives and better understand how those colors produce and promote specific feelings when experiencing them. 

Grey is a Thing of the Past

Grey of every shade was once the go-to shade to paint the general living areas, kitchen, and formal dining room or primary bedroom. It used to be the most neutral color you could choose for your walls, so essentially anything would work within the space, and of course, buyers could easily make changes if they wanted to. Grey is not all the hype it used to be; new fresh colors have entered the chat for 2023!

Red is Red Hot This Year

Red is not the first color you think of when you paint your home, but it has become a hot color this year that many people use for kitchen cabinets and pops of color throughout their home decor. If you add the finishing touches to your paint process, consider trying red – it will make a statement!

Terra Cota Has Made a Return

Orange-red and all the beautiful brown undertones have hinted at the warmer side of the color wheel as one of the more popular paint colors of 2023. Terra Cota has always been a beautiful color used for the exterior of homes, but it has recently made its way indoors to the homes of Denver.

Natural Greens & Blues are on Trend

Green and natural shades of green can always be mixed with neutrals to create a clean, relaxing room. Blue is no expectation other – allowing for calm spaces to be created by bringing colors you naturally find outdoors into the home for a lovely mix of indoor/outdoor living, literally and metaphorically.

White & Cream Remains a Staple

White and cream colors will always carry their weight as a simple way of creating a clean space and simple rooms that you can choose to decorate your home, however, please! Neutrals will always stay on trend, and it looks like they will be bringing in 2024 the same way.

Professional Painters Vs. DIY Projects

While Denverites have the ability to commit to painting projects themselves, there is always a local company ready to assist you through your home improvement project. Two Painters and a Brush offer premium solutions for any painting project in the Denver metro area and neighboring communities. 

They supply knowledgeable and experienced painters who can properly paint your space and completely upgrade your home base to fit your vision. While the paint colors may change, one thing remains the same – your home is a blank canvas; you never know what a splash of color can do to transform your life completely.

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