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Positive parenting: Harmful parenting tools we need to unlearn

Positive Parenting tips

We recently stumbled upon the Instagram feed @BigLifeJournal and what a treasure trove of fantastic insights and advice for parents. We especially liked this post on the Four Pillars of positive parenting: 

Harmful parenting tools we need to unlearn:

Unlearn punishing emotions: “Why are you crying over such a small thing? Go to your room.”

Instead, relearn setting boundaries on behavior: “I know you are so angry at your brother but hitting is not OK.”

Unlearn Shame-based strategies: “You’re so ungrateful. Why didn’t you say thnk you?”

Relearn skill-building approaches: “How can you show your gratitude for that gift? Do you want to write a note?”

Unlearn making kids feel bad to encourage positive behavior: “Don’t be such a baby. Just brush it off and keep playing.”

Relearn modeling positive behavior: “That must have really hurt. I’m here if you need a hug.”

Unlearn reactive responses. “Can’t you see that I’m busy? Go play in your room.

Relearn Proactive strategies. “I can play with you for 15 minutes then I have to go to work.”Positive Parenting Tips

Remember 4 core Positive Parenting Ideas:

  • ALL emotions are okay.
  • Model positive behavior.
  • Skill-building approaches work.
  • Set clear boundaries

Find more parenting gems at Big Life Journal! 

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