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The Curiosity Cruiser is Denver’s Museum on the Move

Curiosity Cruiser Museum on Wheels

If you love pop-ups, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s new Curiosity Cruiser is now available for booking! 

This new family-friendly friendly neighborhood museum on wheels is hitting ht road in a pop-up vehicle, stocked inside and out with activities for some on-the-go wonder for all ages. Keep your eyes peeled for the Curiosity Cruiser as it rolls into a neighborhood, festival, or spot near you.

You can also bring the Curiosity Cruiser to your community…for a price. They’ll come to your block party, library, business organization, birthday, you name it. The Cruiser is staffed by professional Museum educators who know how to feed minds and imaginations. They’ll setup the vehicle to facilitate the activities while you enjoy the day.

Current Offerings


Wonder-osity is a new,  one-of-a-kind experience. yOU will work with a team to solve a mystery about missing hikers, have an “electric” experience and take the quiz to find out which science cat they are. Curiosity is all you need for a good time. 


Flavorology takes you and your friends on an interactive adventure in the five tastes–bitter, spicy, umami, sweet and sour–mixing them with our other senses to uncover surprising things about yourself and the world around you.

Spicy: Revealed

Spicy: Revealed dares you to get to know the science behind spicy flavors and foods, and our curious relationship with them.

Mood & Food

Mood & Food invites you and your friends to question those gut feelings, trick your senses, alter your moods, taste your way through questions and find out if you are a moody foodie. 

Pricing starts at $800 for up to 5 activation hours. Go to for more information. 


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