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Summer Fun for Everyone with 120 Camp Offerings at Kent Denver School!

Kent Denver Summer Camp

When we say “summer fun for everyone”, it’s not just a catchy slogan—we really mean it. With over 120 camp offerings for children ages 4-18, Summer at Kent Denver is a singular venue for every child to learn, practice and play this summer. It’s a place where friends are made and memories are created. A safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. A home for every camper—one where they will always feel loved, supported and empowered. 

There are endless opportunities in Arts, Athletics, Tiny Farm Day Camp (a great place to garden and make animal friends!), Academics, Innovation and Technology camps. These camps aren’t just “day fillers” to pass the time and get you through another week of child care over the summer. These are incredible opportunities that your child will LOVE.

Above all else, our summer camps are FUN. Walking around campus, hearing all the laughter and seeing smiles on kids’ faces is our favorite part about Summer at Kent Denver. Whether it’s the young athletes racing on the slip ‘n slide on the final day of our field hockey camp, the Hogwarts wizards and witches casting spells and playing quidditch, the young writers creating hilarious characters in our Writing Original Comics class or anything in between, campers will experience these special moments of joy while pursuing whatever it is they’re most passionate about.

Our summer camps are IMPACTFUL. Under the caring direction of amazing teachers, professional artists, experienced varsity sports coaches, published authors and more, kids truly do learn and grow at our summer program. Those interested in the performing arts will discover and develop their on-stage presence while learning from talented professional actors like the DCPA’s Jeff Roark, who is leading a special Stranger Things with ‘80s Hits the Musical camp—among other exciting opportunities. Athletes looking to take their games to the next level can get advice from state championship-winning coaches in sports like boys’ basketball and girls’ soccer. Whatever your child’s interests are, the skills they learn will benefit them now and well into the future.

Our summer camps are REWARDING. Whether they’re creating something unique like the rockets and rovers in our Eurekus NASA STEAMakers camp, developing and sharing stories in Let’s Make Books, exercising in the beautiful outdoors at our Running for the Fun of It camp or anything else, kids will leave Summer at Kent Denver feeling proud of the things they accomplished and the lessons they learned along the way. 

We hope to see your family at Kent Denver this summer, and we look forward to more fun in 2023! 

Camps for Summer at Kent Denver begin June 12 and run through July 28. Learn more about our program and register now on our website, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

-Lee Lee Newcomb, Director of Summer at KDS

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