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Four of the Best Places for Family Living & Moving in the Denver Area

Four of the Best Places for Family Living & Moving in the Denver Area

Living in Colorado is constantly exciting; there is always something to do, different people to meet, business and job opportunities, and exploring the Rocky Mountains. Denverites don’t ever take being a resident for granted, but sometimes, as you grow your family, finding a place with different scenery outside of the city becomes more and more appealing. Luckily, many gorgeous neighborhoods offer easy access to the city, mountains, or wherever you want to go – the problem is deciding where to move to next! Relocating your household can feel like a chore, but that is when securing a local moving company comes in handy. In recent years, these cities have grown in popularity, and while many of these have remained sought after, with all the developing communities – who knows what this will look like next year!

Cherry Creek or Cherry Hills Village

The Cherry Creek and Cherry Hills communities have long been sought-after suburbs, with stunning homes at a higher price point. Most families living in the area are homeowners and rate the schools and security as a focal point for living. With many options for gated communities and the lack of nightlife, you can send your kids outside to walk to school, bike with their friends, and play at the Cherry Creek reservoir nearby! 

Castle Pines

Over in Douglas County is a town called Castle Pines, and people are springing up to move in! Castle Pines offers a more rural feeling, with farms, large acreage outdoor spaces, and greenery everywhere you look. The schools are top-notch, and you can keep to yourself or head down to Main Street and make friends – there are plenty of retail shops and restaurants in the area to enjoy. While the neighborhood is not diverse, with the rate of those moving in, we will see changes as more Denver residents pop up.

Highlands Ranch & Greenwood Village Neighborhoods

Heading back to the suburbs, we push towards Highlands Ranch and Greenwood Village – these communities neighbor each other, with Highlands Ranch further South than Greenwood Village; the neighborhoods have many similarities. Both are the epitome of suburban areas, offering lovely homes, well-manicured landscapes, and close-knit neighbors. You also have access to either Douglas or Cherry Creek district for schooling options and easy access to the light rail system if you want to head downtown for a night out on the town! 


Superior is a lovely town with Eldorado Springs and the Canyons in its backyard. Being a part of Boulder County, you can head down to Pearl Street for good eats! Superior is a fabulous place to lay down roots with your family, as it offers a little bit of suburban vibes and the mountains. Sitting at the edge of the foothills, you can experience every part of Colorado and lay your head down in a safe, secure neighborhood every night.

 To get there, or anywhere in the great state of Colorado – you will require reliable movers for your local move. DTC Movers is a family-owned moving company offering family-friendly, secure, and stress-free moving experiences. No matter where you are heading, having reputable movers by your side creates a seamless transition into your new home!

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