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Denver children’s book explores careers for kids who love animals

Careers for kids who love animals

Children’s imaginations are inspirational, they see life as limitless. “If You Like Animals You Could Be” is about inspiring youth to take their passions with them throughout life. For too long, so many kids think one passion of theirs is directed toward one career. 

If you’re a parent or educator looking for a children’s book that not only entertains but also educates, then look no further than “If You Like Animals You Could Be” which inspires kids to explore the many career options available to those who love playing with animals. 

New Book Explores Careers for Animal Lovers

From biologists to veterinarians, “If You Like Animals You Could Be” offers a comprehensive overview of the many ways people can work with animals.  Each page is beautifully illustrated by a local artist, capturing the fun of each career and bringing specific people’s stories to life. 

The book’s author, Maddy Gawler, has over 16 years of experience with children. As someone who has dedicated her career to sustainability and empowering young people through her babysitting startup, she understands the importance of encouraging children to pursue their passions. It was her high school teacher that provided her with the best career advice of ‘take 3 things you are passionate about and find a job that encompasses them, you’ll love what you do most days’. She took her passions for sustainability, impact and travel and found a career trajectory that allows her to make a large impact within the environment and community and travel around. She has always been dedicated to empowering youth to pursue their passions in life. Careers for animal lovers

One day, one of the girls she watches approached her and told her she wanted to be a vet. When Maddy asked her why, she responded “because I like animals.”
This sparked a conversation where Maddy told the little girl about all the various jobs she could take on that also allowed her to work with animals. Her eyes lit up with the excitement of options that allowed her to pursue a job that involves interacting with animals. This sparked the book series, if this one conversation could excite and empower one girl, a book series with various passions kids have could do even more impact.
The first book launched in the middle of February 2023. Check it out on amazon, “If You Like Animals, You Could Be” (If You Like … You Could Be): Gawler, Maddy, Hammond, Georgina: 9798986213507: Books. The second, “If You Like Superheros, You Could Be” will be live middle of April. 
Maddy is also partnering with schools, nonprofits and other organizations to support fundraising efforts as she wants to further her impact in the community by helping raise money. If you are interested in partnering, you can reach her at [email protected].
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