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Summit Sensory Ninjas: Summer Camp for Exploring Sensory Needs

Summit Sensory Ninjas: Summer Camp for Exploring Sensory Needs

Do you have a child with sensory processing challenges? 

Summit Sensory Ninjas is an exciting group for children of all ages to participate in a range of physical activities and explore their senses.

Summit Pediatric Therapy’s experienced pediatric therapists will provide guidance and support in their advanced sensory gym, teaching the kids about our EIGHT different sensory systems: Touch,Sensory issues Denver kids therapyTaste, Sight, Smell, Hearing, Proprioception, Vestibular and Interoception. 

Through a series of fun, engaging activities, children will learn to identify what makes them feel calm, excited, focused, or silly. Working together in teams and designing obstacle courses, kids will develop an understanding of their own individual sensory needs. Join us and see what Summit Sensory Ninjas can do for your child!

Benefits of Becoming a Sensory Ninja

  • Helps to build body awareness and improve regulation through meeting your child’s sensory needs
  • Builds strength, coordination, balance, increased agility, and postural control skills needed for school related tasks including handwriting
  • Enhances social skills and builds relationships through team related games and activities with other peers with sensory differences
  • Builds safety awareness and direction following
  • Helps your child identify arousal and the tools to help regulate for home, the classroom , and beyond by using Zones of Regulation curriculum

Locations are in Aurora, Centennial, Denver, Littleton, Parker & Westminster. Go to for additional information. 

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About Summit Pediatric Therapy: Open for over 10 years, Summit Pediatric Therapy has helped thousands of families just like yours. Their therapists are specially trained in the field of pediatric therapy. They incorporate a variety of fun, age-appropriate activities into therapy sessions and are trained to be sensitive to the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of children.

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