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“Safer Internet Month” Tips to Keep Everyone in Your Family Safe Online

Internet Safety Tips

Every February, internet users around the world observe the annual “Safer Internet Month” to increase awareness of ways to make internet safety a top priority for adults and children.

With cybercrime costing businesses and internet users at all levels billions of dollars in 2022, consumers need to prioritize keeping their connected devices, and the people who use them, safe.Internet Safety Tips

Children rely on the internet more than ever for communication, schoolwork, and socialization. While the internet can be a powerful and effective tool for children, it’s important to remember that with any technology comes risk. Here are some tips and tools to provide a safe and secure internet experience for your family:

• Communication: Talk to your children about their online experiences so they’re more likely to share uncomfortable situations.

• Parental Controls: Like most parents, you may be curious about what kind of content your child is consuming online. Luckily, with Xfinity you never have to wonder. Learn more about activating parental controls on the internet and keeping your family safe while
surfing the web.

• Advanced Security Tools: Xfinity xFi Advanced Security helps prevent you from accidentally accessing risky sites, and monitors network activity in real-time to detect when devices are behaving in unusual ways that could indicate a security risk.

• Private information: Children may not understand the significance of sharing their personal information on the internet. Help your children understand that some information (i.e., their address, phone number, school, etc.) is private and should not be shared online.Keep kids safe online

• Family contract: Avoid confusion and establish clear rules surrounding internet communication. A family contract is a useful tool to establish rules regarding information that cannot be shared online, the level of permission required before meeting someone in person, and other important information.

Another tool to make the internet safer for families is Common Sense Media, which offers ratings and reviews for TV shows, movies, games, and apps so parents can be well informed.

Keeping your kids safe online is an ongoing — and not always easy — process. Combining the right tools with smart parenting will help ensure that your kids are safe on all their devices and can grow into savvy, independent adults.

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