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Colorado autistic boy receives $15,000 piano from stranger

Autistic boy colorado

Late last year, 11-year-old Jude Kofie from Aurora received an incredible surprise. Whoever said the best things come in small packages has never been gifted a grand piano.  

The piano just showed up at Jude’s house one day. 

“All for free,” said his father, Isaiah. “Who does that?” 

To understand how we got here, we have to go back a year-and-a-half, when Isaiah heard a noise coming from the basement. There was an old keyboard down there, but no one knew how to play it, certainly not his autistic son — or so he thought.

Jude had never had a lesson. No one taught him how to play. But Isaiah got Jude a larger keyboard to see what more he could do. 

“It’s a miracle,” Jude said of his musical talents.”

-Steve Hartman, CBS Evening News
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