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Time: Seeing it as a blessing not a curse

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It’s that time of year again. Time to spend a little extra time counting our blessings. I have one blessing I would like to spend some extra time counting.
Yes. The blessing of Time. Funny thing, Time. There is quite a lot said about time. Time is fleeting, time flies, time marches on, Time Is On My Side. You can have a time out, waste time, lose track of time, live on borrowed time. Sometimes, only time will tell, and time heals all wounds (or so they say) and time can work wonders. Something can be just a matter of time, a race against time, all in good time. You can be in the right place at the right time, save a stitch in time, be ahead of time, have too much time on your hands. You can lose time and make up for lost time, be pressed for time, pass the time. Some say time is money. You can mark time, give someone the time of day (or not), be on time, and be subject to the sands of time.
Time is precious. Time, to me, means so many things.
It means snuggles with my husband, games and laughter with my son, conversations with friends. Time gives me Thanksgiving Dinners, happy birthday phone calls, Christmas Mornings. Memories of Time with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins are priceless, and they are all part of me, of who I am.
With time, I became best friends with my Mother, learned to appreciate and respect my Father, and blessed me with in-laws. Time taught me what wonderful individuals my siblings are, their spouses are, their children are. in-laws. Through time, I have learned patience, kindness, and gratitude. Without the gift of time, I would not have an education, degrees in theatre, and all the valuable lessons that journey gifted me. Time brought me music through singing and piano, and through music, comfort and solace. Because of time, I have learned to appreciate even the smallest spot of beauty, to be left breathless at the largest ones, and pause at so many in between.
The truth is, we all are given only so much Time. Time is a trickster, though—we don’t ever know how long Time is going to be around. Oh, sure, I’ve heard of Time Eternal and Time Immemorial. But the gift of Time is only ours to hold for so long. They say that time and tide wait for no one. None of us have all the time in the world; sooner or later we will all run out of time.
I am grateful for the time I have, the time I have been given, the time yet to be. All in all, it’s been a whale of a good time.
Kat Shelton is a Denver mother of one and writes at Kat’s Corner Hearth
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