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Denver’s top baby names for 2022

Denver baby names

Do your kids have the top baby names in Denver? 

Nameberry, the world’s largest website devoted to baby names, calculated which names were viewed most often by visitors from 12 leading US cities, including Denver. Denver’s top baby names for 2022 so far are Genevieve for girls and Everett for boys. 

Denver shares the most top names with Chicago, with three names appearing on the popularity lists for both cities. Both cities include Alice and Nora on their Top 10 lists for girls. Theodore ranks for boys in both Denver and Chicago.

The city’s favorite names have something of a split personality. Traditional choices like Emily and Josiah are among the names uniquely popular here, but so too are more modern, informal choices like Birdie and Lennon for girls, Parker and Zero for boys.

Top Denver Girl Names 

  1. Genevieve
  2. Clementine*
  3. Mariah*
  4. Alice
  5. Emily*
  6. Birdie*
  7. Luna
  8. Lennon*
  9. Mae*
  10. Nora

Top Denver Boy Names

  1. Everett*
  2. Lincoln*
  3. Blake*
  4. Leo*
  5. Bodhi
  6. Josiah*
  7. Levi*
  8. Parker*
  9. Theodore
  10. Zero*

*Names unique to Denver’s Top 10

Visit to see the top city baby names in all 12 US cities.

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