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Let Us “Wrap Up” That Last Holiday Gift Idea: Music Lessons!

Music Lessons Denver

Struggling to come up with that last perfect gift idea for the kids on your “nice” list?  (Or, at least, for the ones who are putting forth an effort to get off the “naughty” list?)

Your friendly neighbors at Littleton School of Music have it wrapped up for you.

Kids love music.  And not only can music be inspiring – bringing out the best in people young and old – the study of music can help your children improve in all areas of their lives.

I’m not saying they’ll cheerfully execute their household chores, or knock out their homework without being asked, or, eventually, become successful and wealthy adults who can support you in the style to which you’d like to become accustomed.

But I am saying that kids who learn to play a musical instrument do develop the kind of discipline that makes that other stuff more probable.

“Congratulations on your achievement as CEO and/or President of the United States,” you might one day hear someone tell your son or daughter.  “To what would you ascribe your meteoric climb to the heights of worldly success?”

“Well,” your son or daughter might say, “it all started when my mom gave me the holiday gift of music lessons, and I began to master the keyboard and/or another musical instrument of my choice.”

A Pre-Stuffed Stocking Your Kids Will Love

For just $99, you can take advantage of the Littleton School of Music “Stuff The Stocking Christmas Extravaganza” by securing for your son or daughter a stocking pre-stuffed and ready to hang on the mantle, or place under the tree, containing $174 worth of cool musical stuff, including:

  • Music Lessons.  A certificate for their first unforgettable month of music lessons.
  • Candy.  Who doesn’t love candy?  Your kid will enjoy it… unless you eat it first.
  • Instrument-Specific Goodies.  Whatever instrument your son or daughter wants to master, we’ll include something that sets them on their way.
  • Gift Card.  Why not?  We’ll throw in a retail gift card, so your kiddo can get even more.
  • And More!

If you’re looking for that “one more thing” that will make this Christmas memorable for your son or daughter, look no further than the Littleton School of Music 2022 “Stuff The Stocking” special.

A Seriously Great Gift Idea

At Littleton School of Music, we know that the gift of music lessons has the potential not only to change your child’s holiday season, but to change their life for the better.

Music lessons can lift a child’s spirits in ways other gifts can’t.

Ask anyone who’s experienced the fun and inspiration of music lessons from an early age, and they’ll tell you stories about how they will never forget the way making music has become one of the most cherished parts of their life.

Sure, you can buy your child the latest trendy gadget or gizmo, and they’ll thank you for it on Christmas morning.

But arrange for them to take music lessons – to master one of the most beautiful things life has to offer – and they’ll thank you for it for the rest of their lives.

Supplies are limited – so claim the Littleton School of Music Stuff The Stocking Special for your son or daughter right away.  Let us “wrap up” that last holiday gift for your cherished kiddo!  And enjoy watching them flourish and thrive in the months and years to come. Learn more at Littleton School of Music

Stephan Hume, founder of Littleton School of Music, appeared on the hit MTV show “Made,” and created the school in 2006.  His music degree is from the University of Colorado (Denver), and he’s a past president of BNI “Action Partners.”  Stephan lives in Littleton with his wife, Lauren, and his young son and daughter. In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

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