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Skateboard classes in Denver

Skateboarding P.E. classes at this Denver elementary school

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At Eagle Crest Elementary in the St. Vrain Valley School District, a partnership with Square State Skate brings experienced instructors into P.E. classes.

The instructors teach more than the physical skills of how to skateboard. They talk a lot about awareness of your body and the space around you, respect, responsibility, determination and empathy. 

In this four-lesson P.E. program, which aligns with Colorado’s physical education standards, kids start right at the beginning. Proper stance on a board on the ground with no wheels. Then gradually moving onto the board. Pushing off. Rolling. Turning. Stopping. Balancing. Stopping. They learn how to fall.

“We almost show off our falls more than our successes,” said instructor Finn Murphy. “There’s no other sport that really does that.”

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-Jenny Brundin

Mile High Mamas
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