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Top 12 Best Fall TV Series and Movies on Xfinity

If summer is about playing in the great outdoors, then fall is all about cuddling up in a cozy sweater with your pumpkin-spice everything and binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

Not sure what to stream from the comfort of your living room?

We’ve teamed up with Comcast to share with you the 12 best movies and TV series this fall, as featured on Xfinity Discovery Hub. 

What to Binge-Watch Fall 2022

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Status: Series premiere on September 2

For Fans of fantasy dramas like House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones

What to Know: Long live Middle-Earth! LOTR’s fantastical characters are here in series form with this take on the popular franchise based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s books. This iteration takes place in the Second Age of Middle-Earth, long before we met Bilbo Baggins and his buddies (thousands of years earlier, in fact). Throughout the series we’ll get to a look at how the Rings of Power were forged and what the final alliance between the Elves and humans included. It’s important to note that you can enjoy the series even if you’ve never seen the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit movies. 


Where to Watch: Disney+

Status: Season premiere on September 21

For Fans of Star Wars based series on Disney+ like The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett

What to Know: The newest Star Wars series takes place five years before the events of Rogue One, and we’ll get an up close and personal with the formation of the Rebel Alliance f in opposition to the Galactic Empire. Diego Luna reprises his role as Cassian Andor, a thief turned revolutionary.

Hocus Pocus 2

Where to Watch: Disney+

Status: Exclusive to Disney+ beginning September 30

For Fans of the original Hocus Pocus, of course!

What to Know: Oh, how we have missed the Sanderson sisters. Hocus Pocus was released theatrically in 1993 and quickly developed a cult following. We can’t wait to see what these witchy siblings are up to nearly 30 years later.


Where to Watch: HBO Max

Status: Missed in theaters? Watch it starting on September 2

For Fans of biopics like Walk the LineRocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody

What to Know: Elvis Presley’s life story gets the Baz Luhrmann treatment in this incredible feature film released theatrically in June 2022. It’s told from the perspective of The King’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and the finished product has been celebrated by the people who knew him best, including former wife Priscilla Presley.Mighty Ducks Game Changers

The Mighty Ducks Game Changers

Where to Watch: Disney+

Status: Season 2 premiere on September 28, 2022 

For Fans of The Mighty Ducks Game Changers Season 1

What to know: Our favorite squad-with-heart and their coach Alex Morrow (Lauren Graham) take to the road to attend an intense summer hockey institute in California run by charming yet hardcore former NHL player, Colin Cole (Josh Duhamel).  As our Ducks try to survive in this super-competitive environment, they’re faced with the question: Can you win summer?

Quantum Leap

Where to Watch: NBC

Status: Series premiere on September 19

For Fans of other nostalgic TV reboots such as Magnum P.IHawaii Five-O and Fantasy Island

What to Know: In the late 80s, there was no bigger sci-fi show on network TV than Quantum Leap. The original series starred Scott Bakula as a time-jumping physicist. This time around actor Raymond Lee takes the reins, heading back to the 1980s from present day in the very first episode.

Vampire Academy

Where to Watch: Peacock

Status: Series premiere on September 15

For Fans of blood-sucking dramas such as The Vampire Diaries and True Blood  

What to Know: Hollywood took a crack at bringing Vampire Academy, the book series by Richelle Mead, to the big screen in 2014. While the film didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, fans were still eager to see these stories come to life visually. Now Peacock is giving Vampire Academy a shot with a series that focuses on main characters Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir. Here’s hoping the second time’s a charm!

Abbott Elementary

Where to Watch: ABC

Status: Season 2 premieres on September 21

For Fans of documentary style sitcoms like The OfficeParks and Recreation and Modern Family

What to Know: In its first season, viewers fell in love with the teachers and staff of Abbott Elementary. The sitcom brings to television exactly what we could all use, a lot of laughs. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon (or, er, school bus), go ahead and binge the first season ahead of the upcoming premiere. You’ll thank us later.

911 Crisis Center

Where to Watch: Oxygen

Status: Season 2 premieres on September 3

For Fans of true to life medical situations as seen in 9-1-1: Lone Star

What to Know: An emergency dispatch center in Ohio is the focus of this reality series which features quick-thinking employees fielding impossibly difficult calls. The situations are intense, the problems are real, and the folks trying to deliver aid to emergencies are at the top of their game.


Where to Watch: Disney+

Status: Watch it beginning September 8

For Fans of classic animated films turned live action such as Beauty and the BeastCruella,and Mulan

What to Know: With Tom Hanks as Geppetto and Cynthia Erivo as The Blue Fairy, how can this live action take on Pinocchio possibly go wrong? It’s directed by Robert Zemeckis and features the talents of Luke Evans (The Coachman), Keegan-Michael Key (The Fox) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as that moral compass Jiminy Cricket.Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai

Where to Watch: Netflix

Status: Season 5 premieres on September 9

For Fans of ‘80s movies turned TV series like Teen Wolf and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

What to Know: Cobra Kai takes us back to California’s San Fernando Valley where we once witnessed the bitter rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and the formidable Cobra Kai martial arts team in the original Karate Kid. The stakes are high yet again. With both returning stars and new faces all displaying impressive martial arts moves, the series is full of suspense, drama and some comedic antics. 


Where to Watch: FOX

Status: Series premiere on September 11

For Fans of music industry dramedies like NashvilleEmpire and Selena: The Series

What to Know: If you think your family dynamic is complex, just get a load of the Romans. Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins star as country music power couple Dottie Cantrell Roman and Albie Roman, part of a country music dynasty who have built their fame and fortune on lies, So, there’s no room for error when the familial heir to the throne tries to control the narrative. It’s all the soapy fun you want from a primetime drama with great music to boot.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Where to Watch: Hulu

Status: Season 5 premieres on September 14

For Fans of dystopian drama or futuristic sci-fi like Alias GraceBlack MirrorMr. Robot and Orphan Black

What to Know: We continue June’s journey to find her daughter, Hannah, while Gilead expands its reach into Canada. Never count our protagonist out, not even when it feels like absolutely everything is stacked against her. 

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Stranger Things YouTube channel and Watch ‘Beyond Stranger Things’

To check out these picks and many more must-see new and returning TV series and movies, just say “Fall Entertainment Guide” into your remote! Happy watching! In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 


Does your child struggle with math? How to identify Dyscalculia

My daughter has long struggled with math. I still remember when she was learning to count to 20 in preschool and would always get hung up in the teens. Her problems augmented over the years and we spent a lot of money on tutors and additional aides. It was a joyous day when she took her final math class (for her and us!)

It wasn’t until she was almost finished high school that I had a lightbulb moment when I attended a work event dedicated to learning about dyslexia, a learning disorder in reading. There was a brief mention of Dyscalculia, a learning disability to makes it hard for kids to understand and learn to do math. 

So, when do math difficulties mean something more? A tremendous resource we used is The Dyscalculia Toolkit which helps leaners ages 6 to 14 who have difficulties with math and numbers. 

What is Dyscalculia? 

According to the Child Mind Institute, lots of kids struggle with math. But if your child’s math troubles are serious and don’t seem to get better, they may be a sign of something called dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is a specific learning disorder, which means it only affects how children learn math. A child with dyscalculia may do well in other subjects — like English or history — and still struggle in classes that use math.

Does Dyscalcuila cause all math difficulties?

Not all problems with math — even serious ones — are caused by dyscalculia. Disorders like dyslexia, visual or auditory processing issues, and ADHD can also make it hard to learn math. So what should parents watch for? Young kids with dyscalculia might have trouble recognizing numbers, learning to count, or recognizing basic patterns.

As kids get older they might have trouble remembering numbers (like zip codes or game scores) and have a hard time telling left from right or figuring out distances. Other signs include struggling with things like making change, reading clocks, or figuring out how long a task will take.

What to look for

According to, young children struggle with:

  • left and right
  • directionality
  • counting reliably
  • number-amount associations
  • memory of numbers and quantitative information
  • memory of instructions
  • short-term memory
  • working memory
  • time awareness
  • telling time
  • time management, schedules
  • organization
  • sequencing
  • procedures for arithmetic
  • place value
  • memory of addition and multiplication facts
  • memory of math rules
  • mental arithmetic
  • calculation
  • visualization
  • name-face memory
  • visual memory
  • visual-spatial discrimination, interpretation, processing, and memory.
  • unconscious errors with numbers and symbols when reading, listening, thinking (reasoning), copying, writing, and speaking.
    think slowly and carefully, and operate without confidence.
  • When tasked in their deficit areas, may demonstrate agitation, distress, anxiety, anger, avoidance, and resistance.
    Children grow into dyscalculic adults who exhibit the same problems, but become better at hiding and managing their difficulties.

Though research on prevalence is limited, it’s estimated that between 5 and 7% of elementary school-aged children may have dyscalculia. It’s also currently thought that dyscalculia occurs equally in both genders.

Additional Resources

The Dyscalculia Resource Book for ages 7 to 14 (second edition)

Math Workbook for Kids with Dyscalculia. A resouce toolkit book with 100 fun math activities.

How to Spot Dyscalculia

How to Help Kids with Dyscalculia

Anciety and Children: How to help your child through the school year

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you extra money, they help us keep this site up and running. See our disclosure policy.



Rainbow Fentanyl: Looks like Sweet Tarts But This Opioid Kills

Let this be your sign to talk to your kids about FENTANYL.

I have taken the deepest dive into this drug epidemic lately – which was spurred on by my own curiosity, due to the sudden uptick my husband was seeing in his law practice. He’s a criminal defense attorney. And this shiz is so serious. The risk is real. Here are a few points I wanna share:

🍬Currently the new look of this drug is called Rainbow Fentanyl; shown here in this photo. Made to look eerily similar to Sweet Tart candy. Deliberately designed to attract kids/teens – especially since it appears so harmless & innocent.

🍬It’s an OPIOID. It is 50-100x more deadly (and addicting) than heroin, morphine, & oxycontin.

🍬It’s also super cheap to produce; giving dealers even bigger margins of profit.

🍬It has no smell & completely tasteless. Plus it CAN be absorbed thru the skin.

🍬As little as 1-2 milligrams can be fatal. For reference, this would be the size of a few grains of salt. Teeny-tiny.

🍬It can be easily cut into ANY pharmaceutical/party drugs & you’d never know until it’s too late.

🍬Nearly 50% of the illicit street drugs that have been confiscated by law enforcement in 2021-2022, were laced with Fentanyl.

🍬During the past few years, there has been enough Fentanyl seized to kill every person in the US.

🍬Right now in our country, Fentanyl is responsible for almost 70% of overdose deaths. Almost 1/4 of them are under 21. And drug use among teenagers hasn’t increased; in fact, it’s lower than its been in a decade. Lastly, among teenage overdose death in the 18 months, almost 80% is fentanyl-related.

🍬During my high school/college years, I had the luxury of experimenting with different drugs. I was a free spirit. And the big threat was possible addiction. Well now…it’s DEATH. Today’s kids can NOT test boundaries when it comes to drug use. ONE small lapse in judgment to “just try something” can take your child to their grave. We must start talking about this. Like now. Bring the conversation home. Then spread the word far & wide.

-Tiffany Gray, Instagram: @themedicinalmama.

Deals: National Coffee Day Discounts, Wienermobile in Denver, Prime Early Access Sale

I like a good coffee drink – but I’m not sure if I love it for the taste of the coffee or the things that I put in it. PSL anyone? This last week I tried WhatIf Food’s BamNut Milk in my coffee. I like to test the milk alternatives and this one was pretty good. It was creamy milk made with Bamnuts. The taste was better than a lot of the nut milk we’ve tried and BamNuts are better for the environment as they are regenerative. They also sent me noodles that my daughter liked – and said, “they are better than ramen.” Which is a high compliment from her as she loves ramen.  

Amazon Prime. Yeah, yeah, Amazon Prime Day was earlier this year. However, the new sale on Amazon is Prime Early Access Sale. The sale will take place Tuesday, October 11 & Wednesday, October 12. Amazon says that you will find deals in just about every category – fashion, beauty, home, kitchen, furniture and electronics. This could be your chance to jump on your Christmas shopping early.

National Coffee Day. Let’s celebrate America’s favorite morning buzz – coffee! National Coffee Day is Thursday September 29. Here are some deals we found:

·       Boyer’s Coffee – Celebrate all week long with deals like 2.25 lb bags for just $16.50 and 11& 12oz bags for $6.50. No coupon needed. Then on Thursday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. enjoy the fun at the mobile café (7295 Washington St.) taste free drip coffees, the first 200 customers will get free pancakes and that day get 50% off all specialty beverages and 25% off all coffee bags.

·       Caribou Coffee – get a medium handcrafted beverage when you are a Caribou Perks Member for just $3 on National Coffee Day. Plus, if you are a new Caribou Perks member, you get a free drink after your fist visit.

·       Dunkin’ Donuts – DD Perms members can get a free medium hot or iced coffee when you buy anything at Dunkin’ on National Coffee Day.

·       McDonalds – Us the App to get a $1 premium roast or iced coffee (every day not just Coffee Day).

·       Panera Bread – Unlimited Sip Club subscribers get two months’ membership free. And existing Sip Club Members get $2 off select barista beverages and smoothies (when you use the app).

·       Peet’s – Free small drip coffee with any purchase, 20% off coffee beans, 20% off when you shop online, $0 delivery fee for Peetnik Rewards Members.

·       Amora Coffee – Enjoy 50% off orders over $50. Use promo code 50off50

·       Starbucks – Starbucks has not confirmed any deals but they do say to check your app.

Panda Express. My family’s favorite dish is the Orange Chicken. Now if you are a vegetarian, Panda Express has a new version of their popular Orange chicken made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based chicken. Through October 9, buy a Beyond the Original Orange Chicken Bowl get a second bowl free (order online using promo code BEYOND).

Panera Bread. MyPanera Week is September 29 – October 5. Loyalty program members will get special perks all week long. Perks include: Sept 29 – two month’s membership of Sip Club Free (to new members) or $2 off barista beverages and smoothies (for existing members); Sept. 30 – $0 delivery fee; Oct. 1 – Free baguette with in-app purchase; Oct. 2 – $2 off Broccoli Cheddar Soup Bowl; Oct. 3 – 20% off Panera Bread gift cards; Oct. 4 – Special gift from Panera partner; Oct. 5 – cooking class with Panera’s head chef; Oct 6. – Starter of choice

Wienermobile. That vehicle that is a 27-foot-long hotdog is in town! As they make their way across America. They will be at Yum Yum’s Hotdog Ice Cream Party on Sunday, Oct 2 from 12:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 2423 S Downing Street. Have a “bun”derful day with the kids and “meat” the Hotdoggers while you enjoy live music, face painting, ice cream and an Oscar Meyer grill out.

Redbox. You can get your movies that local kiosks or rent movies on demand. Redbox has some great deals. New movies at the kiosk (movies like Light Year, Minions, and Jurassic World) are just $2 and you can find some of the hit movies on demand for the same price (House of Gucci, Clifford and Sonic). Slightly older movies are just $1; and even older movies can be streamed for FREE!

Bandaloop at DU Campus. I saw Bandaloop perform several years ago at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. They are mesmerizing as they dance vertically against the outer walls of buildings. They will be performing against the Ritchie School of Engineering and Science and the Sie Complex at the University of Denver on Thursday, Sept. 29 at 4:30 p.m.

Consignment. We do still have several fall consignment sales happening. These sales are great for used kids clothes. For a full list visit our round up. This week’s featured sales is the Just Between Friends of Arvada Sale September 29-October 2 at the Flatiron Marketplace in Broomfield.

Girlfriend Getaway: Colorado’s Best Wellness Retreats for Moms

Do you need a break from life’s stresses (and maybe even your kids?) Grab your girlfriends for a wellness getaway to a hot springs spa. A sound bath. A yoga retreat. Or maybe an aromatics farm. has rounded up some fabulous girls trips in Colorado! Also, don’t miss Colorado’s unique wellness getaways, retreats, programs and clubs.

Restorative Retreats

Zee Clarke Tibetan Sound Baths, Denver
Worries melt away with sound baths where the golden tones of Tibetan singing bowls align your chakras and get those theta brainwaves humming. You’ll leave these sessions smiling like you know the answers to life’s mysteries. (Please tell us if you do.) 

Joyful Journey Hot Springs SpaMoffat
Book a few nights at the cozy two-bedroom Casita for a secluded sanctuary in the heart of the Mystic San Luis Valley. The stunning crimson hues of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains pair perfectly with soaks in the travertine-spring-fed pools.

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, Rollinsville
At the Yoga Lifestyle Immersion extended retreat, guided meditation will help you forget about your earth-bound troubles (like those neighbors who still have their holiday lights up), while fire ceremonies reignite your spark for life. (Featured Photo)

Crestone Mountain Zen CenterCrestone
Find your Zen (literally) at this haven where the energy is “peaceful and magical” and vegetarian meals — served in three bowls to highlight texture, color and taste — give your tongue a spiritual awakening. Join meditation sessions or call the center home while exploring the nearby Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad and UFO Watchtower.

North Sterling State ParkSterling
Get away from it all with a camping trip under endless prairie skies. Polish your downward dog or attract the area birdlife with your tree pose as the wind rustles through the short grass. (Tip: State parks require camping reservations. Book ahead to avoid harshing your vibe.)

Denver Beer Spa, Denver
If a frosty pint lifts your spirits, imagine what a sudsy tub will do. Unwind with nutrient-rich beer baths, hops-infused infrared saunas and “beeromatherapy.” Afterward, treat yourself to local craft brews in the taproom.

Herbal Essences

Colorado Aromatics FarmLongmont
Book a private tour and stop to smell the organic roses … along with the lavender, calendula, mint and lemon balm. Or, learn how to make bitters and tinctures to take as deliciously scented souvenirs.

Berry Patch FarmsBrighton
Stroll the sprawling fields and pick vibrant bouquets of shaggy lion’s head sunflowers, zinnias and sweet basil, saying “hi” to the free-range chickens and farm dogs as you go.

Spa AnjaliAvon
We’re huge fans of the Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa. Take the Rocky Mountain Spa Journey to be massaged into sublime submission and pampered with a soothing poultice of sage, lavender and pine at their Spa Anjali.

Hopscotch BakeryHopscotch BakeryPueblo
If you find comfort in food, we feel you. Fresh gingersnaps and lavender shortcake provide the oven-baked path to sweet, herbaceous serenity.

Active Recovery

Float Trips, Fort Collins
The Cache la Poudre River slows its flow when it reaches Old Town, making it perfect for a lazy day of tubing. Hop on and off for snacks and cocktails in town. (And heed the few signs that tell you to get out and walk certain areas.)

Adventure Mindful Running Retreats, Boulder
Spend four days racking up mountain mileage, meditating and practicing mindfulness in Boulder’s rugged foothills. Run Mindful retreats are led by pro ultrarunner Timothy Olson and his fam, who share their love of the sport and trails with you.

Mountain Pose YogaCopper Mountain
Let the crisp alpine air shake your chakras to the core as you twist, bend and om. A donation is the only entry cost, but space is limited so reservations are a must.

Footpaths of the WorldEstes Park
If you dream of hiking the Rockies but don’t enjoy thinking about logistics, then this experience was built for you. The Walter Tishma Way offers two to six days of trekking scenic paths with rustic lodges and hot dinners welcoming you in the evenings. Shuttles, maps, trekking poles and most meals are included, and you can book a private guide if that makes you comfier in the great outdoors.

Rocking Relaxation

A Sanctuary CenterSedalia
Think deep thoughts, shallow thoughts or no thoughts at all as you meander through the center’s stone labyrinth under the shade of wind-tickled evergreens.

Pure Beauty & Wellness SpaTelluride
Luxuriate to the trickling sound of a waterfall within the crystalline pink walls of a Himalayan-rock-salt cave. Then, spice things up with the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, known for healing and detoxification.

Yampah SpaGlenwood Springs
Blow off steam at the spa’s natural hot-springs vapor caves, where wisps of warm mineral mist embrace you in the softly lit caverns.

RockResorts Spa at the Lodge at VailVail
Indulge in a Mountain Gem massage with stress-reducing gemstones that make your aura sparkle while aligning your body and mind.

salt 360 float studioDurango
Take the weight off your shoulders in a soothing saltwater float tank. As the lights dim, you’ll feel effortlessly suspended and wonderfully carefree.

Boulder Shungite ArkBoulder
Feel yourself transformed in a comfy room lined with 2 tons of shungite, a rock touted for its healing properties that was first discovered in Russia.

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Colorado’s unique wellness getaways, retreats, programs and clubs

10 of Colorado’s most scenic waterfall hikes

Colorado’s Quiet Winter Trails

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Don’t Miss Denver Zoo’s Wild Fall and Trick-or-Treat Trail

The Denver Zoo’s longstanding tradition “Boo at the Zoo” was replaced by “Wild Fall” last year and it looks like the new event is still going strong in 2022. Trick-or-Treat Trail will return as well on select evenings in October. 

For the entire month of October, Denver Zoo will transform into Colorado’s wildest destination for fall adventure and exploration. As guests wander around the Zoo throughout the day, they’ll discover the creatures that inhabit their imaginations come to life—from mysterious beasts of lore like Bigfoot to dragons, sea monsters and more.

The experience continues with roaming costumed characters, creature-carved pumpkins, festive food and drink, and special animal demos that connect these supernatural beings to the real-life natural world. All Wild Fall activities are part of regular daytime admission and take place throughout normal daytime hours starting at 8:30 a.m. for members and 10 a.m. for the general public. Tickets are available at

Trick-or-Treat Trail

And on select evenings (Oct. 7, 14, 21 and 28-31), trick-or-treating is back and better than ever with Trick-or-Treat Trail, a limited-admission event with spooky surprises and eight stations serving up wildlife-friendly candy from companies that have committed to using only sustainably-sourced palm oil in their products. An additional $20 ticket provides access to a reusable trick-or-treat bag and 30˜40 pieces of candy; a Monster Mash dance party; festive photo opportunities with characters and sets; special spooky cocktails and festive autumnal eats; and exclusive animal demos with creepy-crawly critters.

Denver Zoo’s Adulting with the Animals

Finally, for the 18 and up crowd, the Zoo is offering two fall-themed events as part of its popular Adulting with the Animals series. Oktoberfest (Thursday, Oct. 6), features Bavarian dishes, live music from the Polkanauts, a yodeling contest, and more; and Monster Masquerade (Thursday, Oct. 27) includes special Animal Ambassador appearances, a costume contest and a live DJ. Tickets for both events are $35 per person and only available in advance.

Members and guests are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance due to the popularity of all fall events and likelihood that many days and timeslots will sell out. For more information about Wild Fall and Adulting with the Animals, and to purchase tickets, visit

Confessions of a (former) perfectionist mom

No one really talks about how challenging the transition from perfectionist to parent can be. Or how parenting as a perfectionist can consume so much of the energy you don’t have.

Before motherhood, I was a perfectionist in many aspects of my life. I am slowly transitioning out of it, but I will likely always carry some of the traits.

This adds a layer of difficulty to the already, at times, difficult season which is early motherhood. And it’s not surprising really is it?

Perfectionism demands us to be perfect; parenting requires us to embrace imperfect. The two are not meant to work together.

But knowing this doesn’t always make it easier does it? It’s hard when you are triggered easily.

Triggered by mess, noise, and the unfinished. Triggered by the imperfect parenting moments. Triggered by the guilt that comes from loving your children so much you want to embrace every part of the imperfect, but still find yourself struggling by things not being perfect.

And I know how it goes. You want to let it go. You want to be more present with them, rather than listening to your perfectionist urges. You want to just not care about what everyone says “doesn’t really matter.”

Because you know they’re right. Perfect doesn’t matter to your children. And you know it shouldn’t really matter to you, because your messy, chaotic, imperfect life is the most important thing right now and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

But it still feels like it does matter some days. The perfectionist in you holds on tight, even when the little hearts that hold onto yours grip tighter.

And it’s hard.

So if this resonates with you, please know you are not alone. I’m here, trying my best to embrace all of the imperfect too.

Perhaps I always have been. But motherhood has been the catalyst I never knew I needed to start me walking in the right direction.”

Emma Heaphy is a former lawyer and stay-at-home mom of three. She is the author of Dear Motherhood, the book that has stolen the hearts of mothers around the world for its real and raw musing of early motherhood. She recently published her second book, Mother On, your very own manual on the continuation of early motherhood.

 Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you extra money, they help us keep this site up and running. See our disclosure policy. Photo: Emma Heaphy

Denver Deals: Giant Pumpkin Festival, Harvest Day & Fall Fun

It seems like there are so many “fast casual” places to eat these days. Just serve me my food in a place to sit. That concept was all turned on it’s head for me when my daughter and I went to Mici’s newest location at Southglenn. The manager [and owner] were there. They made suggestions on their popular pizzas and what salad would go with and don’t forget the cannoli and gelato. They made a point to stop by our table to see how it was (this was not something they did just for us as we watched them do this to several other tables). They say Italians are about the food and about the best food you can get is to get invited to an Italian Kitchen. This is the closest thing fast casual can do for that!

Also, don’t miss our guides to Denver’s Best Pumpin Patches & Corn Mazes and Colorado’s Best Fall Colors: Best drives, hikes, ghost towns and farms.

Giant Pumpkin Festival. Mile High Mama’s own Amber Johnson knows a thing or two about big pumpkins, but if you’re curious to get up close to one of these 2,000 squashes join Jared’s Nursery on September 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for free celebration including weigh-off, music, straw maze, face painting, bounce houses, corn pit, food trucks and more. Jared’s is at 10500 W Bowles Ave.

 ConceiveAbilities.  Exciting news from ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy and Egg Donor. Earlier this summer they launched a 3-month #MilkBankChallenge to help families during the infant formula shortage. The campaign was so successful –inspiring women to donate nearly 50,000 ounces of much-needed breast milk to local milk banks– that they are extending the initiative until the end of 2022. They are offering any lactating woman who donates to a milk bank a one-time $250 gift card to help with pumping expenses (or whatever she needs) and we will match any one-time financial donation up to $250 for those who want to get involved but are unable to pump. 

 Natural Grocers. Natural Grocers is celebrating a Grand Opening of their Brighton Store (903 S. 8th Ave) on Friday, September 30. The first 150 customers will get Natural Grocers Mystery Gift Cards (worth $5-$500), a prize wheel, sweepstakes with awesome prizes and loads of deals!

Harvest Day. CALF Lowell Ranch (south of Castle Rock on the east I-25 frontage road) will celebrate Harvest Day on Saturday, September 24. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. enjoy pumpkins, hay rides and games in the traditional old-fashioned family fall festival.

 Consignment Sales. I love consignment sales especially when it is kid’s clothes. We have once again rounded up the season’s best sales for you! Visit our page for details all season long. This week’s featured sales is the Boulder County Kids Sale at the Boulder Valley Christian Church on September 24 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Noodles & Co. Enjoy a free entrée every weekend through September at Noodles & Co. Get a free small with the purchase of any regular sized meal. Sign up at

National Chai Day. National Chai Day is September 21 and Ziggi’s Coffee is celebrating by having chai beverages for ½ price on that day! [Don’t worry coffee drinkers your national day is next week].

Go Karting on Ice. Go Karting on Ice is back this weekend at the Big Bear Arena. The slip sliding fun of an ice rink in a cart! There is also music and lights to set the mood for this fun. Get 20% off when you use the code ICE20 to sign up. This is fun with the kids or as a date night.

Fun in Cheyenne. A little weekend getaway doesn’t have to mean airplane rides and long road trips. Check out all the fun in Cheyenne! Just this weekend there are several fun events!

·         Fashion Experience (Sept. 22). Enjoy a fashion show featuring the latest fall fashions in Cheyenne boutiques and following the event head to boutiques in town for in-store specials.

·         Oktoberfest (Sept. 24). Historic Depot Plaza will feature German food, music and beers! Along with the food fun – there will be music and games from noon to 11 p.m. on O’Neil Avenue.

·         End of the Trail Kite Festival (Sept. 24). Every year this kite festival features participants from professional to amateur kite flyers. Fun for the whole family with kites, entertainment, interactive programs (kite design and flying workshops too!)

Broncos Deals. If you are a fan of the Broncos or deals (or both) we encourage you to take advantage of the promotional deals they are a part of. The day after a win enjoy a donut from King Soopers, the day after any game enjoy a free cup of coffee at Conoco or after every game head to McDonalds for a free order of 6-piece Chicken McNuggets with the purchase of $1 or more.

Fall BreakHaven’t made plans for your fall break yet? What about Snow Mountain Ranch? “One-Tank Trip” promotion for road trips to Snow Mountain Ranch: If you stay two nights, they get the third night free when booking a mid-week stay in a cabin or lodge room, Monday -Friday, anytime in October and November (with the exception of blackout dates of November 21-25). A perfect fall getaway. October 8 also features the Zombie 5K run in the dark.

Fall Family Fun: Denver’s Best Pumpkin Patches & Corn Mazes

Fall is FUN in Denver and we have rounded up Colorado’s best pumpkin patches, corn mazes, fall colors, petting zoos, hayrides and so much more. 

Also, while you’re enjoying fall in Colorado, be sure to check out our guide to Colorado’s Best Fall Colors: Best drives, hikes, ghost towns and farms and Ultimate Guide to Fall in Colorado

Denver’s Best Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes

  • Anderson Farms, Erie: One of Colorado’s longest-running corn mazes and U-pick pumpkin patches also features a zombie paintball hunt, gourd launching and much more. September 21- October 31, 2022.
  • Colorado Pumpkin Patch, Monument. This 41-acre farm is filled with fun that includes jumping pillows, 80-foot straw slides, steer head roping, a straw maze, duck races, large tube swings, outdoor laser tag, tractor hayrides, gourd target practice, farm animals and much more. September 17- October 31, 2022.
  • Cottonwood Farm, Boulder: Tackle straw-bale and corn mazes, take a wagon ride on Saturdays and Sundays, see farm animals and tractors, decorate a gourd and pick a perfect pumpkin. September 24- October 31, 2022.
  • Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms, Littleton: The gardens’ massive corn maze twists and turns across 7 acres, with a mini-maze for smaller kids and great bird-watching opportunities. Pumpkins in the patch are available for purchase.
  • Diana’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze (Canon City): Family-owned and operated, kids will love the corn maze, pumpkin field, corn bin, hay slide, climbing rope and duck races. Opening September 23, 2022.Diana's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze
  • Flat Acres Farm, Parker: This Parker pumpkin patch has it all: a petting zoo, corn maze, giant jump pillow, climbing wall, petting zoo, duck races, Euro Bungy, pony rides, Murf Turf Battles, Fright Acres haunted attraction and so much more.Flat acres farm
  • Fritzler’s Corn Maize, near Greeley: More than just a maze, Fritzler’s delights with more than 20 attractions including a mini-rollercoaster ride, pillow jump, duck races, Slide Mountain, pumpkin canons, go-carts and a haunted maze at night. September 18-October 31, 2022. (Featured Photo.)
  • Maize in the City, Thornton. The whole family will love the 20-acre “Crazed Corn” maze, pumpkin patch, air slide, kids activities, jumping castle and more. Opening September 24, 2022.
  • Mazzoti Farms,  Hudson: Open weekends in October, this working family form boasts a Scare-free Corn Maze, pumpkin fields, farm animals, create your own scarecrow and more.
  • Mile High Farms, Bennett: The family fun includes two corn mazes over 11 acres, corn pits, barrel cart rides, a petting zoo, antique tractor hayride, playground and more.Mile High Farms
  • Miller Farms, Platteville: Harvest potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, take a hayride through 180 acres of field, visit “Antique Alley,” have a picnic, pick a pumpkin and taste some delicious snacks. Their fall festival gives everyone the opportunity to not only explore the farm, but to also harvest your own vegetables.
  • Munson Farms, Boulder: This 100-acre farm specializes in Sweet Corn, Tomatoes and Pumpkins. Pick your own pumpkin, take a hayride or lose yourself in the corn maze.
  • Rock Creek Farm, Broomfield. This 100-acre U-Pick-Em pumpkin patch was my kids’ annual tradition when they were younger. Additionally, they have awesome farm animals, a hay bail maze, six miles of Corn Mazes and the best pumpkin bread around.
  • Studts Pumpkin Patch, Grand Junction: Day and night mazes, pumpkin jumps, haunted house and many other family activities including Spookley the Square Pumpkin, the Fairytale Trail and Pedal Carts. October 1-31 ,2022.
  • The Bee Hugger, Longmont: If you’re a sucker for huge sunflowers (and picking them), a visit to The Bee Hugger is an Instagram lover’s dream. The sunflower fields have a decorated maze, old tractors, vintage camps and VWs to explore. You may purchase pumpkins in October.Weathers Family Farms: Weekends in October, this farm in Yuma has a corn maze with a different theme and layout each year. There are also photo opportunities, a pumpkin patch and plenty of cattle wandering around.

Canceled or Pending events:

Denver Rescue Mission’s Harvest Farm Fall Festival, Wellington (canceled)

Fall Fun

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When a child loses a special person: how this Denver non-profit turns pain into hope

Sydney was only seven years old when he lost his father suddenly in a car accident. A bright, happy-go-lucky kid at home and at school, Sydney was cheerful and friendly with classmates and adults alike. After losing his father, Sydney became withdrawn and quiet, as though his spirit had dimmed. He was no longer interested in playing with friends, became disengaged at school, and stopped showing interest in the toys, books and games that he once approached with enthusiasm and joy. He began lashing out at his mom and showing other signs of anger that were uncharacteristic of his personality. 

Without intervention, childhood bereavement can have lasting detrimental effects

Sydney’s story represents the pain and suffering children can encounter following a significant loss.  As the Chief Clinical Officer for Judi’s House, a Denver-based nonprofit that provides resources and therapeutic support for children and families coping with death-related losses, I see children like Sydney every day. 

Children who experience a significant death loss often show behavioral struggles that differ based on their age and developmental level. Younger children may showcase more meltdowns, acting out, or withdrawing from others. Their grief may come through as disrupted sleep or eating patterns along with more irritability and lower frustration tolerance. Tweens and teens may show decreased interest in things they used to enjoy. 

They may start to use negative coping strategies such as self-harm, drinking, or engaging in reckless behavior. On the other end of the spectrum, some children may begin to thrive, which may become a tendency to overachieve or attempt to be perfect. Behavioral changes can occur in both directions, but regardless of the way they manifest themselves, they indicate that a child is grieving.

Judi's House Denver

Judi’s House

Hope for bereaved children is found through healthy interventions

Conversely, healthy interventions such as access to therapy or informed teachers and communities, can help keep kids who have experienced loss on track. The death of an important person–regardless of the relationship–will cause disruption for a child, but helpful interventions and grief protective factors can help. 

Sydney was fortunate to be supported by his mother, school counselors, and teachers who recommended he join the Pathfinders programs at Judi’s House. At Judi’s House, Sydney met other kids his age who had lost a special person and learned that he was not alone in his grief.  

With the other kids, Sydney finally felt like he had someone to talk to who understood what he was going through. Judi’s House was a safe space for healing and he learned how to process his grief and talk about the loss of his father without feeling shame.

At Judi’s House we work towards a vision that no child should be alone in grief. When a child experiences a significant death loss, it is our goal to make sure they are truly seen and heard–that others will journey with them. By building a nationwide network of grief-informed communities, children everywhere will have access to the resources they need to integrate loss in their life, to manage their grief reaction, and emerge hopeful for a healthy future. 

By Micki Burns, PhD, LP, Chief Clinical Officer for Judi’s House