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The Denver Preschool Program Helps Families Find and Pay for Preschool

Denver Preschool Program

Are you a Mile High Mama (or papa or other amazing caregiver) residing within the City and County of Denver? If so, and if you have a 4-year-old enrolled in preschool, or ready for preschool, you must continue reading.

 For 15 years, the Denver Preschool Program (DPP) has helped families residing in the City and County of Denver access and afford high-quality early learning opportunities. In collaboration with 260 preschools, DPP offers tuition support to all Denver resident families — regardless of income and immigration status — who have a 4-year-old enrolled in a participating school prior to kindergarten.Free preschool Denver

In some cases, families may receive up to 100% coverage on tuition costs. That means free preschool for up to one year!

“Selecting a preschool for your little learner is an opportunity to begin their formal academic journey and lay a foundation for a lifetime of success,” said Elsa Holguín, president and CEO of DPP. “High-quality early childhood education plays a critical role in early development, kindergarten readiness and provides a jumpstart on a child’s education.”

But as valuable as quality preschool is, it can represent a significant cost for most Denver families. DPP began with a voter-approved citywide sales tax designated to make high-quality early childhood education opportunities accessible to all families. In 2022, the typical savings for Denver families with a child in preschool is $849 each month.

DPP pays for preschool, but DPP is not a preschool, nor is it a part of Denver Public Schools (DPS). It’s a completely separate resource, and the vast majority of its budget goes to tuition credits for families and also to quality improvement resources for Denver preschool providers.Cheap preschool in Denver

“We want all families in the City and County of Denver with young children to know about the benefits available to them through DPP,” said Holguin. “We urge Denver families, regardless of their income status, to check out our tuition calculator tools to help pay for preschool.”

In 2021, the DPP launched “Preschools for 3s” to increase earlier access to, and enrollment in, high-quality early childhood education programs while reducing costs for Denver families with lower incomes. In addition to DPP’s longstanding model which provides tuition credits for any 4-year-olds, the Preschool for 3s pilot program prioritizes families based on financial need.

The goal is to serve as many families with the greatest need as possible now. Then, if funding allows, DPP will expand to include all families with 3-year-olds, just as they do currently with 4-year-olds.

Want to explore your preschool options and learn how much money your family can save each month? Check out DPP’s Find A Preschool and Tuition Calculator tools at For questions, call DPP at 303.595.4733 or send an email to the DPP Preschool Navigator at [email protected].

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