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Denver’s Best Playgrounds: The Most Insanely Unique Playground Equipment

Denver's most unique playground features

What better way to celebrate spring than to soak up the sunshine in one of metro Denver’s parks? Bring your kids and discover the many features offered by our playgrounds! And I’m not talking about slides, climbing nets, or spinners… those are just so “meh” in 2022. No, a few Denver playgrounds offer something else: rare play equipment that is found only at one or a handful of playgrounds in all of the metro area parks. Read on and explore the unusual features you won’t see anywhere else!

The parks showcased below are part of my iPhone app “Denver Playgrounds & Parks,” which reviews over 770 metro Denver playgrounds. You will find photos, descriptions, and features of each play area, with updates released frequently. Come locate a playground near you, no matter what part of town you’re in. Visit the App Store or get details at the project’s website

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The Coolest Features at Denver Playgrounds

Horizontal roller slide

Roller slides have been around for about a decade, but these horizontal variants are new. They remind me of an airport luggage conveyer, but these are for people, not suitcases. Even adults looking for a gentle back massage have been spotted on these slides.

Found at: Clement Park and Berry Park (Littleton)Horizontal Roller Slide

Dual baby-adult swing

You can find 2-person “friendship” swings at many Denver playgrounds, but only Carmody Park and Creekside Park feature this tandem swing designed specifically for a little one plus an accompanying adult or older child.

Found at: Carmody Park (Lakewood), Creekside Park (Aurora), and North Creek Park (Thornton).

Dual Mommy and me swing

Super-wide slide

There is no fighting over who gets to slide down first on this wide slide at Fairmount park – it can easily accommodate 2 or 3 kids simultaneously. Other playgrounds feature wide slides that are made out of concrete and are landscaped into a natural hill side.

Found at: Fairmount Park (Golden), Sanchez Park (Denver), Long’s Pine Grove (Denver), Grant Park (Littleton)Denver's super wide slide

Double zip line

Zip lines are becoming increasingly popular with playground designers. But only one park in the metro area features a set of tandem zip line tracks, perfect for a friendly race between two kiddos. Who will win?

Found at: Amber Creek Park (Thornton)Double Zipline in Denver

Flat-top spinner

It seems that spinners are found at nearly every modern play area these days. But can you hold on to the flat surface when this spinner starts going? Unlike others, this one is inclined so it is easier to start spinning.

Found at: Orchard Park (Englewood) and Big Dry Creek Park (Westminster)Flat Top Spinner

4-person seesaw

Got four people? Load them on this seesaw and see who can sway the most. These teeter-totters are spring-mounted, so there is a lot of up and down motion. There’s even additional room in the center for enjoying the rocking motion while standing up.

Found at: Berry Park (Littleton), Crofton Park (Broomfield), Jewell Park
(Aurora), Skylake Park (Thornton)4-person seesaw

Super tall slide

How about climbing 6 flights of stairs to ride a slide? A few Denver parks feature these extra-tall tunnel slides, making for a nice long ride down. These play towers typically have several slides at different heights to chose from.

Found at: Estates Park (Golden), Arapaho Park (Centennial), Memorial Park (Arvada), East
Elementary Park (Littleton), Elati Park (Littleton), Denver Premium Outlets (Thornton)Denver's tallest slide

Suspended rope

Pile your whole family onto this hanging rope! You can get pretty wild on this swing, once you have it going. It’s sturdier than it looks and super fun.Suspended Rope

Found at: Pagosa Park (Aurora), Globeville Landing Park (Denver)

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Guest blogger Chris Sekirnjak lives in Wheat Ridge with his wife and two children. His two guide books Denver Playgrounds & Parks and Run, Stroll, Hike: A Guide to Family-friendy Trails in and Around Denver were both adapted to iPhone apps

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