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A Child’s Day At Camp Gardner Exploring S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

Camp Gardner

Our summer camp activities are carefully chosen to provide a summer of fun and play that preschoolers love, while they are also learning new skills and exploring S.T.E.A.M. concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). This 10-week program continues the school year’s academically-focused lessons with a more relaxed summer camp environment. To introduce you to Camp Gardner, we thought you might like to see the program from a camper’s perspective. Here’s a typical day at Camp Gardner:Denver kids camp

A Preschooler Shares The Fun They Have at Camp Gardner

I wake up early to get ready for Camp Gardner because I’m so excited! In my backpack, I bring my favorite stuffed animal. Lambie loves summer at The Gardner School, just like me. Today is Bring Your Bike to School Day, so mom puts my green balance bike into the car. I can’t wait to show it off!

When we get to school, dad walks me to my classroom. I wave hello to Ms. Lisa and join a few of my friends already in the block center. They have on their Camp Gardner t-shirts, just like me! After a healthy breakfast with my favorite fruit (strawberries!), we have morning circle time. Ms. Lisa reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I love when the caterpillar turns into a big butterfly. Ms. Lisa tells us that we will see so many butterflies later this week when we meet visitors from the Butterfly Pavilion, and we might even see them on our Nature Scavenger Hunt. She also shares that we are going to meet friends from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science next week. I tell Ms. Lisa that my mom took me there last year and I saw big dinosaur bones. Maybe they will bring some of those to The Gardner School!

After circle time, we go outside to play at the water tables. They even set up a small pool with rubber duck races. My friend Jacob’s duck wins the race, and I gave him a big hug. We then get to ride our bikes. My friend Sarah has a yellow bike that looks just like mine!

During lunch, we have yummy chicken and rice. My mom says the organic food at The Gardner School is good for us. I’m so happy to eat with my friends and put food on my own plate like I do at home. After lunch is nap time, so I get to rest with Lambie. Ms. Lisa helps me get my blanket set up on my cot.Denver summer kids camp

Once our rest time is over, Ms. Lisa shows us a solar oven we are going to use to make our afternoon snack. The rays of the sun heat it up to cook our marshmallows for s’mores. Wow! When we talked about butterflies earlier, Ms. Lisa mentioned we might have a special art project later in the day. We cut out HUGE butterfly shapes and taped them on the easel at the Art Station. Then we get to paint our butterflies with a spray bottle! I chose blue, yellow, and orange, my favorite colors.

When Mom comes to pick me up, I show her my art. She loves all the colors I used! I wave goodbye to my classroom friends and to Ms. Lisa. In the car, I tell mom that I can’t wait to come back tomorrow for even more summer adventures. Yay!

Enroll Your Child In Camp Gardner For Spectacular Summer Fun

Preschoolers love The Gardner School for learning, meeting friends, and having fun. Our summer program is designed to expand your child’s knowledge while they’re having a blast with friends. Click here to learn more about Camp Gardner or enroll your child at The Gardner School.

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