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How to Teach Your Teen About Investing and Trading

Investing and teens

Do you want to teach your kids how to manage their money while also learning about investing and trading? We’ve teamed up with ‘Teach Me Wall Street,’ which makes online learning fun with their Summer Finance Boot-Camps for middle and high school students that focus on Trading, Investing, the Stock Market,  Business and Personal Finance with their live instruction!Teens and investments Click here to read Part 1 of our series about how to raise money-smart kids and scroll down for our exclusive discount. 

Teach Me Wall Street has offered these ways to get your teens interested in investing. 

  • Talk about their future goals – where they would like to go to college and what they would like to buy if they had more money – and discuss investment choices in an interesting way, without lecturing. 
  • Use an age-appropriate vocabulary that they can understand.
  • Create a mock portfolio that’s tied to your teen’s interests. If they like PlayStation, they might want to invest in Sony – If they enjoy film, maybe purchase stock in Disney + or Netflix – Perhaps some Apple stock if they, like most kids, are always glued to their phone. 
  • Explain potential benefits of investing in stock – For example, Tesla stock was under $20 in 2010 and today, it’s worth over $600. Also, discuss the risks involved.
  • Follow the selected stock activity with them so you can discuss gains and losses.Bitcoin girl
  • Watch Shark Tank and other fun, business-related shows with your kids to open up discussion.
  • If money discussions are difficult for you, or your kids take advice more willingly from another adult, enlist the help of someone with whom you and your child feel comfortable.
  • Open a custodial or education account for your child, and with your guidance, and some practice, allow them to make investment decisions.
  •  Enroll them in a Teach Me Wall Street Summer Finance Boot Camp.

Teach Me Wall Street Summer Finance Boot Camps

The boot camps (one – four weeks in length) give kids who want to learn about Wall Street and money a chance to connect, work on exciting hands-on projects and gain valuable skills while having fun!

LIVE instruction is offered by seasoned professionals. Sessions can be accessed from home or any place where there’s a quiet space and a reliable internet connection.

Boot camps are offered 2 hours a day M-F at 8 am.-10 a.m. or 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Students select the time that best fits their schedule and can alternate times when necessary. There are several one-week boot camps and multiple-week packages to choose from!

Enroll before March 31 for early bird savings! Learn more here and save an additional 5% with code DENVERMOM. 

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