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Industry Festival Presents a Summer Film Camp for Colorado High Schoolers!

Film Camp Denver

“What I really loved about this workshop is that I got to really execute an idea well and I loved getting feedback for my work; that was really invaluable.” – Violet D (15)

SeriesFest is bringing back its popular TV Pilot Academy summer camp for middle and high school students June 6-24, 2022 in person! SeriesFest is dedicated to supporting and helping to shape the next generation of storytellers. TV Pilot Academy brings inspirational industry professionals, a focused curriculum, and students together to embark on the creative process.

For three weeks students will work as a team to create an original independent TV pilot through a writers room, full on-location production, and a post-production workshop. Students will receive 90 contact hours with instructors and walk away from the camp with a real short film credit. TV Pilot Academy

Week One: During week one students will learn step-by-step how to craft a compelling story, build complex characters, and refine a story arc that audiences will love. Students will work as a team to write their original TV pilot script. 

Week Two: Week two is packed with on-set directing and filming. Local actors will be brought in to fill script roles and students will literally be in the Director’s Chair as they shoot their original project. Students will learn how to use professional film and sound equipment and capture their original story on film.

Week Three: Students will work with Adobe Premiere Pro during an immersive post-production editing workshop. The project will undergo background music and sound effect additions, sound mixing, B-roll, and other editing techniques all executed by students in order to produce a final product that is ready for the silver screen.

Screening: The final project will be screened at no-cost in Denver, CO for friends and family. SeriesFest Denver

“I liked [TV Pilot Academy] because I got to work on something creative and create something that was really fun and collaborative. I learned a lot about how TV pilots are made, how to make them, and how the industry works—which was really interesting.” – Julia Cole (16)

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