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How to Raise Money-smart Kids from the Experts at ‘Teach Me Wall Street’

Wall Street for Kids

Cryptocurrency. The Dow. Nasdaq.

These financial terms are everywhere and my son has a lot of questions. Some I can answer, most I can’t to his satisfaction. We opened a basic savings account for him when he was younger and he wants to start investing his own money. As parents, we are cautiously letting him dip his toes in the financial world while also ensuring he has the correct education. 

Enter:  Teach Me Wall Street’s summer finance bootcamps make online learning fun for middle and high school students that focus on Trading, Investing, the Stock Market, Business and Personal Finance! The boot camps (one – four weeks in length) give kids who want to learn about Wall Street and money a chance to connect, work on exciting hands-on projects and gain valuable skills while having fun!

Enroll before March 31 for early bird savings! Learn more here and save an additional 5% with code DENVERMOM. 

Why Teach Kids About Money Now

A common complaint among teenagers, and even graduates, is that for all their schooling they never learned anything really practical about money and how to manage it.

Even parents struggle to teach the topic to their children. As one parent shared, “It was easier to teach my kids about the birds and the bees than to teach them about money.”

The truth of the matter is the average individual doesn’t know how to smartly manage their money.

This shortcoming is plainly evidenced by our growing household debt in the US, which hit an all-time high of $19.1 trillion in Q4 2020 and only getting bigger.

Teach Me Wall Street Boot Camps

Wall Street for teensTeach Me Wall Street’s classes are taught live, at the moment. This provides different energy because there’s a live person, with a real Wall Street background, there to answer all of your questions and offer guidance. In the virtual classroom, we have spirited discussions,  and play educational games such as Kahoot and Quizlet. There are many apps and other games and puzzles we use to make the classes interactive and interesting. And that’s the beauty of a live class – because it makes the concepts real.

Boot camps are offered 2 hours a day M-F at 8-10 a.m. or 11 a.m.-1 pm.  Students select the time that best fits their schedule and can alternate times when necessary. There are several one-week boot camps and multiple-week packages to choose from. Enroll before March 31 for early bird savings! Learn more here and save an additional 5% with code DENVERMOM. 

My son is happily enrolled in their summer programming. And I will hopefully be learning right along with him as I empower him to take control of his money and his future. P.S. They also offer online classes for adults and college students. 

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