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Five Great Math Tutoring Companies in Denver

Best Denver math tutor

Even at the best of times, getting kids to stay engaged during school has always been a challenge. But what happens when the classroom is a computer screen, and there are all the distractions of home? The need for quality one-on-one help has never been greater!

Of course, finding the right help is easier said than done. So many companies and independent tutors, some in-person, some remote, some who specialize in one subject, some in another…how in the world does one find the right match? Well, look no further! We’ve gathered a list of what we believe to be the best tutoring companies in the Denver area, complete with information about what makes each one different. One quick read and your kid will be on their way in no time.

1. Math Tutor Denver

At Math Tutor Denver we believe in the power of active learning and personalized one-on-one math tutoring. We know how to awaken the mathematician within. Central to our philosophy is our belief that the way math is usually taught in middle & high school has some serious issues, and, of course, having to learn online just makes everything more challenging. We believe that conceptual learning and verbally thinking through a problem, rather than long lectures and monotonous practice, is the way to go! Our tutors will work to establish a mentor-like relationship with your child, and always maintain a positive, kind, encouraging environment. With this approach, anyone can develop a lifelong love of learning. We offer flexible monthly memberships that are easily paused or switched around at any time (and, of course, your tutoring hours never expire and are always refundable).

2. Universal Achievement

Are you looking not just for an academic tutor, but for a mentor for your child’s holistic development? Founded by aerospace engineer and former college athlete Jake Gamsky, UA believes in helping students to become all they can be, both inside and outside the classroom (Achieve Universally). Their unique approach incorporates exercise, nutrition, and positive psychology training into in-person tutoring sessions. Tutors will not only coach in academic subjects (including math, science, business, social studies, Spanish, and English), but also in goal-setting, time, management, fitness, and wellness. Research shows that exercise, nutrition, and positive psychology have a significantly positive impact on how the brain develops, functions, and processes information.

3. eXL Learning Center

The folks at eXL meet your child at their unique starting point, and enrich the learning experience to ensure the innovative thinkers and creative problem-solvers of tomorrow start off on the best possible foot. You can be sure your child will always have a strong desire to learn. If you homeschool your child, they have a specialized method for supplementing your child’s education.

4. Thrive Tutoring

The folks at Thrive have made it their mission to help students who have lost their confidence. They believe in coaching the entire child, to build up their self-image and confidence in tandem with their grades. Tutors are highly educated and energetic, with the heart of teachers for whom letting children fall through the gaps is simply not an option. Tutors work one-on-one with students, to identify their unique, legitimate reasons for why they are academically struggling, and help them overcome them.

5. Wash Park Tutoring

With nearly 10 years in business, Wash Park Tutoring knows the ins and outs of helping K-8 students become all they can be. With a tailored and multi-sensory approach, they will help your child overcome any academic challenge. With tutors specializing in mathematics, reading, writing, music, and social studies, among others, you can be sure your child will get the specific help they need.

Eric M Earle has been involved with mathematics tutoring for over a decade. He is the co-founder of Math Tutor Denver, Math Tutor Austin, & Math Tutor Boston. In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

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