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New Year, New YOU! Resolve to Make Music a Part of 2022

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Have you been losing sleep lately, bothered by the notion that – once again – you’ve chosen a boring, lackluster, or unimaginative New Year’s Resolution?

“This year,” you may have declared, “I’m going to make five extra dollars, and lose a thousand pounds, each month.”  Or something like that.

You can hardly be blamed.  After all, you’re kinda sleep-deprived.  But beyond that, you’re far from the only person who rings in each new year with the same old boring resolutions.

One of the main causes of bad New Year’s Resolutions is the annual failure to achieve last year’s bad resolutions.  It’s a chronic condition afflicting far too many of us, and it’s even spreading to our children.

“This is the year I’m moving to Hawaii, or perhaps Christmas Island.”

“I’m finally going to have that tummy tuck I’ve been saving for.”

“I’m going to make a continuous presence of myself at the gym, such that within the year, I will have carved a body worthy of a Greek statue, and start wearing my old clothes from high school again.”

But then New Year’s Day rolls around again, and you find you haven’t moved, tucked, OR carved in any meaningful way.  You’re just about to box up those high school clothes for the donation center, when instead, you decide to simply resolve that, okay, last year none of it happened, but this year, it all will!

And the kids will clean their rooms, do their chores, and get straight As!

Take Music Lessons in Littleton

Well, maybe this is the year you’ll actually break the cycle of failure and despair… not just for yourself, but for the whole family, maybe.  And there’s really only one way to do that, as far as I know:

Get music lessons, and start everyone in the family on a journey of learning that will bring them joy and a great sense of accomplishment every day, every month, and every year.

Just think: If you and/or your kids start music lessons this month, by NEXT New Year’s Eve you’ll all be able to play Auld Lang Syne like pros.  And, you might even be able to play other, less boring stuff!  In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, you know what?  Probably!

Or you might be the next Von Trapp Family Singers, unable and unwilling to shut your Trapps for the sheer love of singing like a small choir of Austrian angels!  Or, if that’s not your family’s thing, you might be the next Andrews Sisters or Mills Brothers, with a smooth doo-wop style all your own.

(Imagine a doo-wop arrangement of Auld Lang Syne.)

Space is limited at Littleton School of Music… but the fun is UNLIMITED.  So make a resolution you absolutely will not regret, and give us a call today!

There’s nothing like learning to play music.  It calms the mind, soothes the soul, and makes life worth living.  And that’s no joke.

And, did you know that kids who begin taking music lessons often realize a jump in their grades at school?  It’s true.  Mastering an instrument takes discipline and practice – the same qualities that make for great academic performance.  Not kidding, and not making it up!

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