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How To Hang Bikes In Garage

How To Hang Bikes In Garage

There are a variety of great bike-specific storage products available in the market today. Store your bike up and off the garage floor with a bike mount to save space and clutter. 

If your bicycle takes up a lot of space, consider some other options besides the traditional floor rack. Consider to also contact your local garage door company in Arvada Colorado if you are in need of creating extra space in your garage and they will be able to provide further assistance.

Benefits of Hanging Your Bike 

  • Space-saving
  • Safety 
  • Security

The above are just a few of the numerous advantages of hanging your bike. Read our tips below to store your bike safely and effectively.

Different Types of Bike Storage in a Garage

Wall mounts, freestanding racks, and ceiling mounts – storage racks come in all kinds of styles. Despite the difference in storage methods, the goal is the same: keep your bike off the ground and save space. Store bikes in your garage safely and easily for easier access.

  1. Vertical Bike Storage 

A wall-mounted or vertical bike rack for the garage is the best solution if you don’t have enough space. It works with any type of bicycle, making it an excellent space-saving solution.

Furthermore, it allows you to easily tuck away when you’re finished riding. There are a variety of wall-mount bike racks available in the market.

There are also bicycles that are difficult to store, such as mountain bikes. A wall-mount rack is equipped with arms that easily accommodate your bike’s specific geometry. Besides saving space, vertical bike storage is a good option if you have more than two bikes.

  1. Ceiling Bike Storage

A ceiling mount is a great option if you have multiple bikes stored in the garage. These easy-to-assemble bike racks significantly utilize unused space above a garage and keep bikes out of the way. 

Furthermore, there are two more challenges with ceiling bike storage: a heavy bike or a high ceiling.   

Nonetheless, using your ceiling or wall to store your ride is a practical solution. It is a great solution if you have limited space or simply want to organize your garage. You can find a variety of bike hooks for the garage that have tracks for easy access.

  1. Floor Bicycle Racks

Floor stands is made up of long metal bars with vertical slats that support only one bike. So, if you have floor space, these are ideal since they are so simple. 

Also, this type of storage is ideal for garages and for households with children. Simply insert your front or rear wheel and you are ready to go. Consider using a floor bike rack if you have a lot of garage floor space.

Bike racks for the garage floor are available in the market in both light and heavy materials. Regardless of material or brand, floor bike racks are guaranteed to be stable, durable, and extremely reliable. But, if you don’t have enough space, consider storing your bikes on the walls or ceiling.

For long-lasting hardware and effective bike storage, hire a reputable service provider. Capitol Garage Door Repair strives to provide the highest quality services to meet your needs.

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