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Denver’s top baby names: some of these will surprise you

top Denver baby names

OK, I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled to see Nameberry’s list of top Denver baby names. The reason? Seventeen years ago, we named my daughter ‘Hadley’ for the express purpose that it was unique (when your surname is Johnson, you’ve got to be creative) and now, Hadley appears in Denver’s top 10. Trendsetters?!

Nameberry’s list of top Denver baby names features Esme in the Number 1 spot for girls and Hayden, which appears on no other city Top 10 lists, for boys. Nameberry, the world’s largest website devoted to baby names, calculated which names were viewed most often by visitors from 12 leading US cities, including Denver.

In addition to Hayden, names that are unique to Denver’s Top 10 are Billy for boys and Amelia, Anthea, Eden, and Hadley for girls.

Four of the girls’ Top 10 have nature associations: Ivy, Lavender, Hazel, and Eden. On the boys’ side, Silas means forest.

Top Denver Girl Names

  1. Esme
  2. Isla
  3. Ivy
  4. Lavender
  5. Amelia *
  6. Anthea*
  7. Cora
  8. Eden *
  9. Hadley*
  10. Hazel

Top Denver Boy Names

  1. Hayden *
  2. Silas
  3. Atticus
  4. Arlo
  5. Atlas
  6. Billy *
  7. Caleb
  8. Cassius
  9. Felix
  10. Jude 

*Names unique to Denver’s Top 10

Visit to see the top city baby names in all 12 US cities.

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