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Celebratory and safe piercing experience for ALL in the cutest Denver studio!

Denver Ear Piercing Studio

Mamas, say “Hey Rowan!”

Rowan is an ear-piercing and hypoallergenic jewelry brand that believes in “Piercing for All” and they just touched down in Denver. 

Denver Ear Piercing Studio

As you know, every mom wants only the best for her kids. So did Rowan founder—Louisa Serene Schneider. But when it came to ear piercings, it was either an impersonal experience at the mall or a scary experience at the doctor’s. 

In the business world too, Louisa saw how products and services that were considered “girly” weren’t being invested in. And the ear-piercing industry hadn’t evolved in years. So, in the search of a fun, celebratory, and safe ear-piercing experience for everyone, Louisa founded Rowan.  And now you can experience the best ear piercing in Denver.Ear Piercing Denver

Rowan has reimagined the ear piercing experience and revolutionized the traditional mall-based model. All Rowan piercings are performed exclusively by licensed Nurses and all of their products are hypoallergenic.

Book an ear piercing appointment at the new Denver studio in Cherry Creek North.  Bring your kids, your friends, your family. When they say piercing for all, they mean it.  Everybody is invited to this ear party. 

Reasons to choose Rowan:

Piercing by nurses:

Hey Rowan Denver

All piercings are performed by licensed nurses for a warm experience in a safe environment. 

Hypoallergenic earrings: 

Rowan products don’t cause any irritation or allergic reactions. They are made with 14K solid gold (ethically sourced), Gold Vermeil (Thick coat of 14K gold over silver), and sterling silver. We only use the highest quality diamonds, cz’s, gemstones and pearls. 

From self-expression to self-celebration:

Rowan believes in celebrations! Every piercing is a milestone and every milestone in life can be celebrated with a piercing.

Book your ear piercing appointment at their Cherry Creek North studio here:


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