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Gretchen’s November Grabs: Cozy Chocolate Therapy, Blanket and Book Finds

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November is the month of coziness. Being inside with a soft blanket, the perfect hot chocolate, a good movie (or all the Hallmark Christmas movies starting) or a good book. Call is hygge or whatever – November just calls for all the cozy.

The Most Amazing Hot Chocolate. There is nothing that says cool weather outside like an awesome mug of hot chocolate. One of my favorite little stores for the most amazing hot chocolate is in downtown Littleton, the Chocolate Therapist. Their original recipe hot chocolate is among the best I’ve had. You can order it online and have it at home for just $10.95. They also have a Mexican Spice Hot Chocolate which is quite tasty as well.
Ugg Blanket
Ugg Bliss Sherpa Blanket. To my daughter, Ugg boots may not be as big a deal as they once were. But we do fight over the Ugg blanket. It is super soft and plush. It feels like fuzzy fur – but is easily washable too. You can snag one that matches your décor at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Amazon
November TV. OK, OK. I totally admit that a good Saturday night is one that is spent watching a Hallmark Holiday movie. But there is more to November TV than those (although I’d still highly recommend almost anything that Hallmark puts on their screens this time of year). There is a new holiday movie that is Discovery+ and Food Network’s first in the scripted Holiday shows. Beyond that, I’m really excited about Yellowstone’s return.
What I’m reading. Can I admit that I honestly squealed out loud when I heard that Diana Gabaldon’s newest book, the continuance of the Outlander Series, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone: A Novel will be released on November 23? Can anyone guess what I will be doing on Thanksgiving weekend? Also, I am a sucker for most self-help books. I am loving Mel Robbins’ The High 5 Habit. Ladies, we need to remember to high five ourselves rather than just the people around us…and I’d high-five you if you grab a copy of this book!
What are your new finds? What shows, music, things are you loving right now?

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