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Spooky neighborhoods: Where to find Denver’s best Halloween decorations

Denver Halloween Decorations

Move over Christmas, Denver’s Halloween decorations are making spooky waves this year! From creepy dolls to pumpkins to the Nightmare Before Christmas, these Denver neighborhoods know how to do Halloween right!

The Denverite has some fun insider tips for checking out some of Denver’s coolest and scariest neighborhoods. 

“I like to push the envelope and catch people off guard,” said Jessica Halpine, who lives with her boyfriend Jim Norris and their children.

“Halloween is supposed to be terrifying,” she adds. “I don’t want to just do cute witches and pumpkins. I like to be startled and startle other people.”

Every inch of Halpine and Norris’ S. Lincoln Street yard is covered with the strange and unusual. The walkway is lined with resuscitation baby dolls-turned scary decoration, eyeless with gaping mouths, heads pointed toward the sky as if in mid-song. And yes, the longer you stare, the more it feels like they’re staring back. Click the link above to witness the insanity for yourself! 

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