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New African Penguin Habitat opens at the Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo Penguin Habitat

Who else has been obsessed with penguins since the popular documentary, March of the Penguins?

New Penguin Habitat at Denver Zoo

Beginning September 30, 2021, the Denver Zoo’s African penguins have a safe place to call home.  Endangered in their native range on the southwestern coast of Africa due to pollution, overfishing and other threats, the zoo’s 18 African penguins can be seen in their new habitat, Pinnacol African Penguin Point. Here’s what you’ll find at this new exhibit just inside the main entrance of the Zoo:

  • It’s more than three times larger than their former home in the now-closed Bird World and offers design elements that encourage the birds to display their natural charismatic behaviors and improve their wellbeing.
  • There is a 10,000-gallon pool for swimming, multiple burrows and nest boxes, and a variety of hardscape and natural substrates that mimic their Cape of Good Hope origins.
  • Guests, meanwhile, benefit from an entirely new and improved experience thanks to underwater viewing areas and ample space to take in soon-to-come daily keeper talks and feedings.

Many of the African penguins were born at Denver Zoo and cared for by expert bird keepers with more than 65 years of cumulative experience, including many who have spent time rescuing and rehabilitating African penguins in the wild. Members of the Zoo’s animal care team first traveled to South African more than 20 years ago to help save thousands of oil-covered birds after an oil spill threatened their colony. They have continued our work with the threatened species as part of SANCCOB, saving and rehabilitating penguin chicks, over the past 15 years.

Go to for member reservations and to purchase tickets.


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