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Comcast/Xfinity Technology Powers Back to School Connections

Comcast Lift Zone

Whether your child will be going back to school in person this Fall, continuing distance learning or a “hybrid” learning model that combines a bit of both, one of the most important predictors of a student’s success is a high-speed Internet connection at home. The pandemic put a spotlight on the troubling academic achievement gap, and the best way to lessen it is by closing the digital divide. With this in mind, Comcast is providing a range of valuable services to support kids, families, schools and libraries for the upcoming school year.

  • High-Speed Internet Access At Home — Comcast is proud to provide Internet Essentials, the largest Internet adoption program in the nation, which offers eligible families high-speed Internet service at home – along with the option to by a low-cost laptop and access to free training. When the pandemic started, Comcast began offering Internet Essentials free for the first 60 days, and after that it’s just $9.95 per month. This offer continues and you can learn more at
  • Help with Your Internet Bill at Home — The Federal government’s Emergency Broadband Benefitis a welcome addition for those in need, enabling them to readily access the power of the Internet to work from home, learn virtually, stay informed, be entertained and much more. New and existing customers who are interested in participating can receive up to a $50/month credit on their Internet bill from Comcast — up to a $75 credit in Tribal areas. To learn more, visit to see what options are available, determine if you qualify and register.Comcast Lift Zones
  • Safe Spaces with Wi-Fi Access — Comcast has partnered with numerous community organizations, non-profits and city partners to launch Wi-Fi connected “Lift Zones.” These locations provide a safe, clean space to help students and adults get online, participate in distance learning, workforce development trainings and access critical resources. Nearly 50 Lift Zones throughout Colorado are already connected. Lift Zones help folks connect to the Internet so they can fully participate in educational opportunities and the digital economy. Many locations offer after-school programs, digital literacy training and other opportunities. These locations are especially valuable for those who may not have access to the Internet at home. For more information on Lift Zones near you, visit

As parents – we know first hand that “It takes a village…” Please help others in your child’s school and in our community know there are resources, technology hardware, and skills training available to help more people to what matters most.  To learn more about Comcast’s digital equity initiatives, or to refer organizations or people who might benefit from these services, please visit

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