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Could a Paralympic arena open in Denver?

Disabled athlete colorado

Parents are all-too-familiar that it can be tough sometimes for people with disabilities to find a place to play sports in Colorado. A new business in Aurora wants to make it easier.

FWD Mobility opened this year. They work on power chairs, mobility devices and sports equipment for people with disabilities.

“Pretty much anything to get people back to their life,” said John Vcelka, executive vice president of service outreach. “Just because you use a mobility device doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life and have fun.”

Vcelka didn’t hold back after a skiing accident paralyzed him from the waist down. He plays wheelchair lacrosse, table tennis and archery. Now he and two partners want to give others that chance with their business in Aurora.

FWD Mobility opened earlier this year but their plans go beyond just selling chairs.

“We really have our dream that we want to provide the community with a gym and arena specifically for the disabled community,” Vcelka said.

-Kelly Reinke, 9News

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