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Pediatric In-Home Therapy Provides Comfort and Convenience to Denver Families

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For most people, home is a place where they can relax and feel comfortable. This is one of the main reasons why pediatric in-home therapy leads to greater success than therapy that takes place in an office setting. 

Taking the time to prepare your child to go to an appointment, combined with the introduction of new faces, can create anxiety that can stifle or prevent your child from receiving the best results from therapy too.

Ideal Patients for In-Home Therapy

Pediatric patients who may benefit from in-home therapy include those with:

  • Developmental delays. This refers to a child who has not achieved the developmental skills expected of him or her, compared to others of the same age.
  • Genetic disorders. These disorders include Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome or Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
  • Neurologic disorders. These disorders include Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or Autism.
  • Pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders
  • Orthopedic issues or sports injuries

Benefits of Pediatric In-Home Therapy

  • Familiar Environment. Some children react negatively to novel environments, which can hinder their developmental progress. A familiar environment allows the most optimal conditions for a child to achieve the best results from in-home therapy. Family members can be present for support and the therapist can observe the child in their normal, day-to-day lives.
  • Convenience. Families today also have busy schedules so pediatric in-home therapists can coordinate their visits with what works for the family. Therapists come to the child’s home, rather than a parent struggling to get the child up, dressed and off to a therapy session at a clinic or hospital. In-home pediatric therapy saves time, transportation costs and the hassle of constant travel.
  • Continuity of Care. Pediatric in-home therapy allows the child to receive care from the same therapist. This allows for each session to be led by the therapist who is familiar with a child’s individualized needs, goals and overall progress. 

The Leader in Pediatric Home Healthcare

Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare is the leading provider of pediatric occupational, physical, speech, behavior and feeding therapy services in the state of Colorado. Our therapy services are delivered in the home in-person or through a seamless interactive virtual (telemedicine) experience. Our 400+ clinicians have provided therapy services to 4,000+ children from birth to 21 years. Since 2005, we have provided over one million visits, and we strive to provide in-home pediatric therapy that will help each child reach his or her full potential with minimal disruption to their daily lives and activities.

By providing one-on-one individual care in your child’s natural environment, we assist in establishing a strong foundation for future learning to give your child the ability to live their best life. Our mission is to support you and your family in providing professional clinical evaluations, treatment options, resources and information so you feel empowered to make the best decision for your child and family.

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