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How to Become A Surrogate in Colorado: A Denver Mom shares why she became a surrogate

Surrogates in Denver

Have you ever wondered how to become a surrogate in Denver? 

ConceiveAbilities is a Denver egg donor and surrogate agency that has helped thousands of families for nearly 25 years. Despite all the challenges of 2020, they are happy to report that their doors have been open continuously and over 100 babies have been born to “their” families in this most unusual year. How do they do it? In large part, because they have deep relationships with IVF clinics, fertility experts, and scores of surrogates and families who built their families with surrogates. 

Mile High Mamas recently sat down with Kristi, a Denver mom who chose to become a surrogate with ConceiveAbilities, to ask her how she made the decision. 

Note: This is Part 1 of 3 of Kristi’s journey as a gestational surrogate. See Part 2 that details her matching process with her intended family, pregnancy and delivery. 

Denver surrogate

(Denver surrogate Kristi)

How to Become a Surrogate in Denver

Why did you want to be a surrogate?

I have always loved kids! My background is in early childhood development and I worked in the classroom with infants and toddlers and was always around kids from a young age (babysitting, nannying). I worked with parents as well, and sometimes they were older parents.  I heard stories about issues with fertility pretty often and it inspired me to become a surrogate. My heart really wanted me to do this. 

Why was the time right for you?

I had just been through a divorce and I knew I would not be able to be a surrogate while being with him because he would not pass a background check. When we divorced I felt that I had my life back and that I could do whatever I wanted to, and the first thing I wanted to do was become a surrogate.

How did you choose ConceiveAbilities/your surrogacy agency?

I found ConceiveAbilities by a simple google search! I looked around on the internet for different agencies and liked ConceiveAbilities the best because it felt “legit” and it was big enough for me. I was worried about getting scammed so I wanted a larger surrogacy agency with a long, credible history of helping families.

What were the requirements to be a surrogate/how can you apply?

Denver surrogate

(Before delivery)

To start, I filled out a 5-minute online application on their website. The requirements included being less than 38 years old with no tattoos or piercings in the last 6 months or year, have at least one child of your own, and no travel to Florida because of Zika virus. It also required a background check, house check, medical checks and a healthy weight.

How much money does a surrogate get paid in Denver?

ConceiveAbilities’ base pay for a first-time surrogate begins at $44,000 and they encourage women to put their zip code into their calculator to find out if their area is a high-demand area. For Denver, the base pay for a first-time surrogate begins at $52,000.

What would you tell women who want to learn more about the process of becoming a surrogate?

Well,  there are two types of women who want to become surrogates: ones that care about compensation and others that really want to do it and have a selfless heart.  I felt like I have been kind of “called” to become a surrogate. 

What were some misconceptions you had about surrogacy? How did you handle friends’ and families’ misconceptions about surrogacy?

The first misconception was that my egg was going to be used. Everyone would say, “oh, you’re going to give your baby away to someone else” and my response to them was, “nope this is not my baby, not even a little bit. This is their egg, their sperm, and their baby.” The second misconception was that I did it just for the money. My response was, “no, when you sign up to do this you have to understand that your life is on the line, worst-case scenario. And secondhand infertility is a real thing.” My family and friends were supportive and they would say to me, “this is so you!”

Learn more about how to become a surrogate mother in Denver by going to ConceiveAbilities. In parts two and three, we will explore the timeline, how Kristi was matched, her pregnancy and birth!Why do women become surrogates?


ConceiveAbilities recently hired research firm Accelerant Research to better understand surrogates. The firm surveyed 100 surrogates, more than 500 qualified surrogacy prospects and more than 1,000 women from the general population. Of the surrogates and qualified surrogacy prospects, Accelerant found:

  • More than 60% reported a household income above $75,000.
  • More than half volunteer regularly.
  • Nearly half are registered blood and organ donors.
  • Almost one-quarter of them foster pets.
  • 68% see surrogacy as a way to support the LGBTQ community.
  • More than three-quarters said they did so because they knew someone personally in need.
  • Two-thirds said they had first-hand exposure to a relative or close friend’s struggle with infertility.Why Women Become Surrogates

“We found that the single biggest motivation for surrogates is the simple desire to help,” Nazca Fontes, CEO of ConceiveAbilities shared. “Eighty-seven percent said they find joy in helping others; 74% reported they are motivated by a sense of empowerment as a surrogate.”

Go to to learn more. In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

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