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Skincare Basics for a Not So Basic Father’s Day

Skincare Basics for a Not So Basic Father’s Day

Dads are awesome but men aren’t great at shopping for themselves. This Father’s Day, help the dad in your life prioritize his skincare with basics he should be using every day to keep skin healthy.

Theraderm’s Father’s Day set keeps things simple so that there’s no room for confusion or error. This bundle features three must-have products. No frills – just good, clean, protected skin. 

  1. Theraderm Cleansing Wash: What dad doesn’t love an all-in-one? An unscented, non-irritating cleanser, the Cleansing Wash can be used on the face, body, and even hair making it a great all-in-one. This product penetrates all the way to the center of the hard keratin in hair, helping get beards/hair under control.
  2. Fruit Acid Exfoliant: This lactic acid toner makes exfoliating easy, and not only keeps skin looking young but also helps combat permanent sun damage as well. “Increased exfoliation rate lowers the risk of having the buildup of pre-cancerous epidermal cells on the skin,” shares Theraderm founder and biochemist James Beckman, MD. Apply this product within the first 6 hours of UV exposure and you can prevent burn symptoms like pain, redness and blistering, thereby avoiding long-term skin damage. Perfect for men, this exfoliator also helps hairs from folding back into skin, keeping ingrown hairs at bay.
  3. Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen 43: This oil-free SPF absorbs into the skin quickly and goes on undetected without pilling or stinging the eyes, making wearing sunscreen an enjoyable experience. The best part? 43 is the magic number for broad-spectrum UV protection because it contains the exact amount of active ingredient needed to trap harmful UVA/UVB rays, making sure dad stays healthy and ready for any activity.

This special Father’s Day Bundle normally retails for $105. Please use CODE: BLOGMOM21 from June 7 – July 31 to enjoy 15% off, with a special price point $89.25. Go to

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