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Free Fishing Weekend and Beginner Tips for Learning to Fish in Colorado

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Have you wanted to try fishing with your kids?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is holding its annual free fishing weekend in Colorado is June 5 and 6, 2021. 

The free fishing weekend is a great w​ay to get outside with family and friends and take adva​​ntag​e of Colorado’s extensive opportunities to fish for a myriad of cold and warm water fish species​​.

Never fished before? Don’t worry, this Colorado Outdoors “Quick Tips” video will show you the basics to setting up a rod. 

Here are a few other resources to get started:

  • Denver fishing ponds – 25 great fishing ponds for kids in Denver.
  • Fishing Atlas– This is an interactive map that shows the many waters people can fish in Colorado.
  • Stocking Report– The stocking report shows lakes, ponds, and rivers that have been stocked with catchable (9 to 12 inch) trout in Colorado.​

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