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This Denver Pediatric Chiropractor shares important signs to watch in your child’s development

This Denver Pediatric Chiropractor shares important signs to watch in your child’s development

Is reading and walking early good for kids? Did you know they can actually be a sign of sensory processing problems affecting brain development?

Reading and walking are big stepping stones that parents look forward to in the development of their children.  As a Denver Pediatric Chiropractor with Arvada chiropractic services, we regularly educate families that if certain stepping stones are not reached first, they will cause a child to be more susceptible to developmental delays that can follow them into life as an adult.  The good news is these delays or signs can be spotted if you know what to look for. 

Depending on when the developing brain is exposed to triggering stress and genetics will determine the effect on brain development.  This stress affects the developing brain and causes it to have deflections from normal behavior, which is a sign of an underlying problem.  This is similar to a budding flower, as it grows it gets bigger and starts to open until it is in full bloom.  However, if there is a stressful event that the flower experiences then it will stop opening or not open as large and can have blemishes on its pedals. These issues that we discuss below are responsible for many sleepless nights for us parents and stress trying to figure out how we can help our kiddos.  Below are signs telling us that there could be a looming problem and also what are the stressors to be aware of.

Signs and Stressors to Watch in Your Child’s Development

Here are the signs to look for in a child’s development that could be alerting us to have them checked:

  • Colic
  • Torticollis
  • Problems feeding
  • Reflux
  • Ear infections
  • Inability to do tummy time
  • Funky crawling position
  • Walking before crawling
  • Reading at an early age
  • Attention problems, anxiety
  • Behavior challenges
  • Selective mutism
  • Poor peer relationships and stimulating behaviors

Note: Oftentimes these signs are not the problem but a symptom of a primary condition in the nervous system between the communication between the body and brain connection.

What are stressors that we need to be aware of that could be a trigger?  There are three types of stress chemical, emotional and physical. 

Chemical stresses could come from poor nutrition (poor diet by mother and/or child), medications taken by the mother while still pregnant, medications taken by the child, poor microbiome by either mother or child, vaccines, viruses, bacteria, dies in food, pesticides sprayed on our foods and preservatives.

Emotional stresses from physical trauma, social stress and parental stress/arguments. 

Physical stress from fetal malposition during pregnancy, fast birth, vacuum or forceps usage, C-section, prolonged labor, falling and hitting their head/neck and concussions can also contribute to the above signs.  These stresses affect the nervous system and depending on the vulnerability of the individual can be a triggering event. 

The vagus nerve is a critical player in the overall regulation of homeostasis in the body and brain connection.  Oftentimes these stresses affect its ability to control the normal functions in your body in the autonomic nervous system, frequently causing it to be skewed to the sympathetic nervous system (the fight, flight or freeze side of the autonomic nervous system) and not the parasympathetic side (the healing, resting and digesting side).  In our Denver Chiropractic office, the care we provide helps the nervous system to become more adaptable to better handle the stress in its environment. 

Denver Pediatric Chiropractor Dr. Isaac Mooberry hosts workshops for our community once a month, one is Unraveling Neuro-Developmental Disorders and we would like to invite you find out more by coming to our upcoming event.  Here is a link where you can see a schedule and register for one of our upcoming events through Eventbrite.  You can also join our private Facebook group HERE.

If you are curious about how we can help call our team at Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic at 303-399-3569. We are here to help and we will offer you a complimentary phone consultation.

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