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Celebrating 15 YEARS of Music Lessons! Littleton School of Music: Growing Fast And Here To Stay

Celebrating 15 YEARS of Music Lessons! Littleton School of Music: Growing Fast And Here To Stay

It’s hard to believe, sometimes – pinch me! – but Littleton School of Music has just surpassed another milestone most music academies regrettably never see: Fifteen years of service to the Littleton music community.

I mention this with a touch of pride, of course (I’m human).  But the main thing I experience whenever I reflect on the milestones our music school surpasses is this: Gratitude.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been blessed to meet hundreds of students, young and “seasoned,” along with the top-quality instructors who’ve taught them and the wonderful families who’ve supported them throughout their musical journeys.

What good fortune to reflect on the ways we’ve all helped each other over the years!  We’ve been lucky to fill our hearts with joy, our days with FUN, and our lives with music.

And we’re determined to keep right on helping each other for the next 15 years, and beyond… we’ve become the fastest-growing music academy in Littleton by providing outstanding instruction, a safe and fun environment, and the most rewarding music lesson experience anywhere.

We plan to keep it that way!

Some Of Our Favorite Musical Memories

It’s hard to list everything, of course, but here are some of our favorite memories from the past 15 years:

  • All the fun we had (including expansion and remodeling projects!) at our first location on Bannock Street
  • The many new songs we learned, new friendships we all formed, and great concerts we held throughout the years
  • The big changes we’ve made to expand our academy, including name changes (remember Band Dynamics?)
  • Moving to our new location on South Broadway, with its ample parking, fresh new look, and well-lit, beautiful surroundings
  • The explosive growth of our enrollment… 200 students… then 300… now more than 350 and counting!
  • Continual exploration of the finest music instruction techniques, and the constant quest for the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment to meet the needs of any music student, from the beginner’s first lesson to the “guitar hero’s” capstone concert
  • The joy that lights the faces of our students (and their families) when they earn trophies and other prizes as they progress in their musical mastery and move up our proprietary “Musical Ladder!”

Just think what memories we’ll all be able to share 15 years from now, as we look back on how we’ve inspired each other more and more with each passing year.

I Fell In Love With Music

Not long ago, I captured some of my favorite memories in a little book called I Fell In Love With Music.

Students, parents, colleagues, and instructors have all told me they found the book fun to read and extremely helpful, and that feedback gives me another great memory for which I feel exceptional gratitude.

You can buy my book on Amazon, but if you’re wondering whether your child is ready for music lessons, or how music might be just the ticket to greater joy and fulfillment for anyone in your family (even yourself!), reach out to me.

I’d be happy to send you a copy for free, with my compliments.

And gratitude!

We might be Littleton’s most established music academy… but we’re far from “old school” as we celebrate a decade-and-a-half with our musical community.

Stephan Hume, founder of Littleton School of Music, appeared on the hit MTV show “Made,” and created the school in 2006.  His music degree is from the University of Colorado (Denver), and he’s a recent past president of BNI “Action Partners.”  Stephan lives in Littleton with his wife, Lauren, and his young daughter and son. In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

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