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‘Fun With Drones Camp’ is just one of Littleton’s ACC Summer Youth Camps’ educational classes

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These days, with hundreds of options at your fingertips, it’s hard to make a purchasing decision on any product. Summer camps are no different. The lists of providers are endless, from recreation centers to local parks, and that is not even counting the for-profit institutions that wake up every summer to plan an engagement for your campers. The traditional route of asking friends and family is not much help either. Some people commit all their summertime to sports camps and others talk longingly of that sleep-away camp that highlighted their youth. All are likely to leave you with more questions than answers.

At Arapahoe Community College (ACC), we are proud to focus on the benefit that the endless options of summer camps provide us, specialization. We are the premier provider of educational summer camps for Littleton and the surrounding areas, and have kept that focus for over a decade. This does not mean that summers at ACC are not fun and engaging. Every summer we enjoy seeing wide smiles, and even wider eyes, as your campers uncover a passion that fuels success through their current and future educational journeys.

Our camps are targeted for grade levels with our Summer Youth Camps focusing on Middle School-age children, and our Summer Youth College focuses on High Schoolers. Camps are designed to align with college-level pathways, so no matter what camp you and your camper chooses, there are sure to be valuable lessons for future academic success. This year our programs include STEM-focused camps, Arts and Culture camps, and Academic Success camps.

We can guarantee that our educational mission is served, by being selective with our hiring. ACC does not hire camp counselors to teach your campers, we strive to hire active and retired school teachers from the surrounding districts. We enjoy our summer with Littleton Public Schools, Douglas County, and Jefferson County school district teachers, many of whom return again and again.

Similarly, we have camps that roll right into current ACC degrees and certificates, so who better than a college-level professor and administrators to provide a glimpse into your students educational future. Like our Career Exploration Camp taught by our team of amazing student service professionals in our career and transfer department. Even our most technical teachers have no problem gearing down and having fun, check out how our adult education drone licensure instructor was able to modify his curriculum in our Fun with Drones Camp.

With over 100 different camps available across 8 weeks of camps, in all delivery methods to meet your comfort level, we ask that you browse our catalog and find that camp that interests your student. Even if you can just find one week that works with your schedule and prior summer commitments, that one week will make a difference. Whether your aspirations are for your child to go to an ivy league school, a state college, or your local community college, ACC Summer Youth Camps and Colleges are here to help them along that journey. From filling in the educational gaps, to spurring that academic inspiration, we help your family move mountains.

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