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“Among Us” is the newest video game obsession: expert advice on monitoring your kids

“Among Us” is the newest video game obsession: expert advice on monitoring your kids

There is lots and lots of video gaming these days. Parents tell me how they feel torn because their child does not have any after school sports or activities where they see friends, so video gaming is where they connect with their friends. Yet, they worry about the sheer amount of hours — 3, 4, 5 hours.

Parents tell me about the “decision fatigue” they are seeing with their kids now during Covid. Their children say how they are worn down and giving up on trying to find alternative things to do besides video gaming (or shows, social media, etc.). 

Parents feel worn down as well. And the truth is, of course, options are limited right now. I feel it these days now that the cold and rain has arrived in Seattle, and there are so few places to go to do something inside given Covid. 

The newest game on the block is Among Us. If you haven’t seen or played it, the graphics remind me a little of Pac-Man. It is multiplayer, and in the game, one player is an imposter and out to kill the others, and it is up to the rest of the group to work together to determine the imposter. 

The game is free and can be played on any device. The other day, my kids were laughing on the couch for hours while playing it. I joined in for a while — I was not very good at it.

Today I share advice gleaned from experts, parents, youth, research, and my experiences on how now during COVID, to effectively work with your kids to monitor video gaming and ensure they have other social time activities along with video games.





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-Delaney Ruston


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