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How to host your own socially-distanced Easter egg hunt or party in Denver

How to host your own socially-distanced Easter egg hunt or party in Denver

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Do you remember our Guide to Denver Easter Egg Hunts we published on March 9, 2020 before the world shut down? Well, most of those community events aren’t happening this year but be sure to check our event calendar for updates.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the fun of an outdoor Easter egg hunt and party in a socially-distanced way. Connect with your cousins or neighbors. A smaller group means better prizes because really, do any of us like Tootsie-Roll-stuffed Easter eggs?

Fun Fillers

 Of course, candy is always preferred and we think this Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Bar Casting Mold is loads of fun. However, non-sugar options are great choices as well. You can fill your plastic eggs with everything from Play Doh (these 1-oz party bags are the perfect size) to LEGO minifigures to dinosaur eggs in honor of the Sue: The T.rex Encounter at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Do a glow-in-the-dark hunt and place mini-glow sticks in your eggs or you can even find glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs

As my kids grow older, cash is always the favorite with a big prize in the Golden Egg.  Depending upon your kids’ age and your budget, guesstimate around 20 eggs per child.

Egg Hunt for Toddlers

Celebrations at Home has a super cute ideas to tie helium-filled balloons to the eggs, and scatter them throughout the yard. The floating balloons draw toddlers in like a moth to a flame. It doesn’t take much coaxing from the parents either, because children naturally love balloons.

DIY Easter Basket and Eggs

The Easter basket is usually an afterthought but what if you made it part of the fun!?  Grab some plain baskets from the local craft store and go crazy with the decorations. And of course, you can’t forget the eggs. Sure, you can get the regular dye kit from the grocery store but there are so many other fun options. Here are some that we found:

These Tie-Dye Easter Eggs are easy to make using food dye.

Washi Paper Easter Eggs are made by carefully cutting washi paper and decoupaging it on a blown-out egg.

Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs Use rubber bands to create unique designs while dying eggs with this DIY Naturally Dyed Rubberband Easter Eggs 

Cascarones (Confetti Eggs) These dyed eggs are filled with confetti!

Marbled Easter Eggs uses nail polish to create a unique marbled look.

Faux Gilded Easter Eggs are made with acrylic paint and liquid gilding.

Stamped Easter Eggs are dyed than stamped with cute sayings like “you’re a good egg”.

Lego Easter Eggs are perfect for the Lego enthusiasts in your family!

Monogrammed Eggs are created by placing letter stickers on your eggs before you dye them. These would be lovely to use instead of name place cards on your Easter table.

Add Some Games

Pinterest is brimming with fun ideas. Try an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.  Do Easter Egg Bingo. Really, the sky in the limit. 

Just whatever you do, don’t rent an Easter Bunny Costume and forever traumatize your kids when the Easter Bunny makes an appearance. Anyone who has been there, understands. 

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