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25 Fun Activity Ideas for Getting Unplugged on National Day of Unplugging

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In the non-stop age of technology and Zoom, who else is in desperate need of disconnecting so you can reconnect? National Day of Unplugging is from sundown-to-sundown March 5-6, 2021 and there’s no better time than now to unplug. 

Interesting facts:

75% of Americans spend anywhere from 3 to 10+ hours a day on a device. 48% of Americans spend 5 hours or more per day looking at a screen, while 13% spend 10 hours or more and we’re sure those numbers have gone up during the pandemic. 

77% of women spend  3 hours or more per day on their computer, phone, or tablet, compared to 68% who say the same.

Anyone else called to repentance with these statistics? Let’s do better, Mamas, and model great behavior for ourselves and for our families!

Ideas for Unplugging and Exploring Denver:

  • Do a Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt.  
  • Since it’s pretty cold in Colorado, do a “Camp-In.” National day of Unplugging will be giving away prizes for the most creative forts! 
  • Go letterboxing or geocaching. Read our Dos (and mostly don’ts) of Letterboxing in Colorado.
  • Call your elderly neighbors and see what you can do to help. Make happy notes and leave them on their door.
  • Make giant bubbles. There are plenty of great recipes on Pinterest or check out this WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Bubble Wand Kit
  • Dine in the Dark. We recently wrote about a new Denver dining experience in the dark. You don’t have to go to this restaurant; create your own “dark” dining experience that heightens your senses for a more pleasurable experience. 
  • Start a gardenSquare Foot Gardening with Kids helps kids learn gardening basics and also water conservation, science and math and healthy eating. 
  • Recreate. Our guide to Spring Break in Denver has 100+ ideas divided by geographic area for indoor and outdoor fun including our favorite hikes. 
  • Go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Here are the 10 Best Snowshoeing or Cross-country skiing trails in Colorado. 
  • Two words: Pogo Stick. What could go wrong? P.S. They make them a lot safer than when we were kids. 
  • Channel a T-Rex and go on a dinosaur quest with these 10 Dinosaur Destinations in Colorado for Dino-loving Kids
  • Throw a dance party with your family. 
  • Go sledding. We’ve rounded up the 20 best places to sled in Colorado
  • Get a chicken. Sure, everyone is getting a dog but why not get chickens (check with your HOA first). A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens is a great place to start and kids can start their own business selling eggs.
  • Make your own scavenger hunt in your house, neighborhood or all over Denver. 
  • Go skiing. Don’t miss our ski guide that gives information on pricing and lessons. 
  • Make bird feeders. 
  • Slacklines suck (from someone who can’t do them). Except for Joymor’s easy-peasy kid slackline that gives them a way to balance. 
  • Do shadow puppets in the dark. If you want the real thing, Melissa & Doug Safari Buddies Hand Puppets are darling. 
  • Volunteer to help others. Ask your friends and neighbors who needs help. Go to sites like or if you need ideas. 
  • Ziplining. Set up a backyard Zip Line with this affordable and safe kit.
  • Family game night. Dust off those board games and have some fun! Our family favorites include Clue, Dominoes and Settlers of Catan. 
  • We love Denver-based Steve Spangler Science. Check-out his 10-minute Science Experiments (50 of them) that are guaranteed to not blow up your house. 
  • Put on your fanciest dress-up clothes, evening dress and jewelry and pretend you’re in an old movie. 
  • Science Continued. Encourage young minds to be curious about the natural world and be interested in Science by getting a kids microscope. You can easily get samples to observe from your backyard or kitchen.
  • Spa night. Do a mani-pedi, scrub or mask, deep condition or do a makeover on the boys and girls (because we ALL need pampering right now).  
  • Take a road trip! We have so many fun ideas for adventure including Sun Valley or our National Parks (remember that 4th and 5th graders are free this year. 

Bottom line? Just have fun together! Over the last decade, National Day of Unplugging has helped thousands of parents, community hosts, schools, religious organizations and businesses celebrate the day with tech-free events across the country from Los Angeles to New York, and internationally from Milan to Dubai. Unplug Collaborative is a nonprofit organization that supports educators, leaders and organizers who want to see their communities elevate human connection over digital engagement.

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