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Gretchen’s Grabs: Smoke & fire peanut butter, Bob Ross, digital game table and more

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 I love finding and trying new things. No matter if it is an awesome podcast, product or show. I make lists upon lists – what book should I read next? What is my next Neflix binge? Are there enough shows on Apple+ that I want to watch to justify the purchase? Do you have an awesome go-to recipe that you just can’t wait to share? I also love to share my finds with you. And to be honest I find it a little flattering that you would try something I suggest – or rather, you suggest just the right thing for me. What is on your awesome finds list this year?

Fix & Fogg Peanut Butters. Nothing quite satisfies like a peanut butter and jelly. But WOAH did you know that you can totally kick up that sandwich (and make it healthy to boot)? Fix and Fogg sent me several peanut butters to try from their vast array of flavors. Nut butters from peanut, cashew, almond and more. Some of the favorites in my house were the Chocolate, Cashew, and the Smoke & Fire. But we also liked to try the unique ones like the Maple & Coffee!

Impart Books. I love to get people things they will remember long after the gift-giving is done. I used to make my kids what I called personal yearbooks. Which were digitally printed photo books. When I stumbled upon Give Impart Books! This was the perfect gift for my nephew who recently left for boot camp in the Navy. My sister and I emailed family and friends to give a bit of advice – then the advice was compiled and printed into a hardbound, hard covered book! This gift would be perfect for a new mom, graduation or wedding present.  

CES Finds. I love hearing about the cool new products that are coming out. And really – these are not just made up things. They are REAL! While I have not personally tried any of these products but they all sound like must-haves.

·         ColdSnap – Keurig of ice cream! Yum! You can make individual ice cream from a pod. For those of you who followed my Denver Area ice cream tour a couple of summers ago – you may know that ice cream is my happy place…yes, any place (including my kitchen) that has ice cream makes me smile. The idea of making an individual self-serve Ice Cream really floats my boat (or my root beer). The price is not set, but may be anywhere between $500 and $1,000 with the pods for each ice cream around $3 each.

·         Infinity Game Table – I love playing board games, but I hate when a vital piece goes missing or when the kids don’t put them away. I love the idea that we can have all the board games in one spot. This digital table has all your favorite classic games like Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, CandyLand, Yahtzee and more! There will be different sizes available – so the prices vary from $500 to over $1000.  

·         BotHandy – Wouldn’t the kids love it if they didn’t have to put away dishes and just had a bot for that? That was the kind of forward-thinking of “The Jetson’s” cartoon (Hello Rosie!). But this is a real thing and coming soon with Samsung’s Bot Handy! A Bot that can do many household chores – and apparently has a bit of a personality.

Bob Ross. Maybe you have seen him on PBS painting happy little trees. But his popularity is gaining again. My kids and I giggled our way through a painting sesh with him. We went to Michael’s to get a canvas – and then did a paint along. It was a bit like an at-home paint and sip party (even if for the underaged there was sparkling cider). You can stream the shows on Amazon Prime.

*I was given Fix & Fogg product to try – but my opinions are my own. I was given a link to a free GiveImpart Book to test how the product is made and see a final version – but my opinions are my own. I have not been given nor tested any of the CES products (they just look cool). 

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