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My Top 9: What made you grateful in 2020?

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A few years ago, a secondary company developed a program to measure your “Top 9” most liked posts on Instagram and I get a chuckle every year about what Instagram deems to be my highlights. 
In 2020, my most-liked posts were my husband’s milestone birthday, my son winning the junior division for pumpkin growing, finishing our basement and skiing with friends. But then there was saying good-bye to our Fat Kitty, getting evacuated in the Grand Canyon, learning to drive with my daughter Hadley (she’s still anxious about getting her license), and a fun day fat biking (I recently sold my bike to buy a new computer). 
Note: None of our Top 9 photos featured us wearing masks even though that it exactly what we did for the majority of the year so don’t believe everything you see. What a year to forget and to always be remembered! 
Here are some of my non-curated 2020 Gratitudes:
  • We didn’t get COVID.
  • A lot of family time and we feel more connected than ever.
  • Lost my job but am so much happier without the toxic work environment..and now I’m focused on rebuilding Mile High Mamas, the labor of love I started over a decade ago. Let me know if you’d like to be involved! 
  • My husband Jamie’s web development/design biz is stable.
  • Notes, gifts and dinners when we have struggled…and the many opportunities to return the favor and quietly serve others.
  • A new appreciation for the privileged life we led, for the freedom to travel, worship and gather with loved ones.
  • Safety. In Jamie’s birthday card, my 14-year-old son said he was grateful that Jamie makes us feel safe which struck me as poignant during a pandemic, wildfires, health and financial stresses, and political unrest.
If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that gratitude is a verb and my happiness is dependent upon my willingness to dig deeper to see the blessings. And despite the storms, there were still plenty of silver linings in 2020.
Let’s all hope that 2021 is a little kinder and a whole lot brighter.
Happy New Year!
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